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The 2018 Memorial Thread

Jim Bowen, host of the long running British darts themed gameshow Bullseye died aged 80 on Wednesday.

I mention this in particular as one of my ships in Elite: Dangerous is named as a reference to the show - Coventry Speedboat. One of the top prizes was a speedboat and there was a joke that they were won by people living in tower blocks in Coventry, which is as far as you can get from the sea in the UK.

Rest in Peace.

Originally Posted by Popestar View Post
Frank Avruch, the man who played Bozo the Clown, died at the age of 89.
Hearing that makes me kinda more being a kid.

Speaking of kids, the founder of Toys R Us, Charles Lazarus, just died.

Linda Brown, the student/plaintiff's daughter famous for the 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education U.S. Supreme Court case that ended segregation in American schools passed away at age 76.

Winnie Mandela, controversial anti-Apartheid campaigner and Nelson's wife, dead at 81.

Ah, Bochco... Creator of Columbo, NYPD Blue (before it became a dumb soap-opera), and so many, many, many more... Most people now don't even know what a debt they owe him.

Just saw a whole article a few days ago breaking down just how influential Hill Street Blues was. Almost all subsequent police shows were influenced by it in one way or another.

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