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New RPG humble bundle

New RPG humble bundle

Just for those who don't subscribe or aren't familiar with Humble bundle there's a new humble bundle out for D&D 5e adventures:

several titles from Frog god and Kobold press (though Kobold press is in the higher tiers)

If you aren't familiar you can pay what you want for a lot of books. If you pay more then a certain threshold you unlock more books.

I've also been curious.

The Blight is a huge, over 900 page setting book for 5e. The PDF alone normally retails for $65. I've come across the first "Prepared" elsewhere, and liked what I saw. For me, it's a matter of picking which tier to buy.

While I'm not that big on 5th edition, this seems like a godo buy if only for all the hooks and maps I can use from them even if I apply them to Pathfinder or such.

I decided to check it out. If nothing else, The Blight intrigued me.

The 5e version is 890 pages. 400 pages or so is made of adventure. 10 pages is a table of contents. About 90 pages are bestiary. What's left is setting information and player character rules. The adventure sections appear to emphasis a balance of roleplay and combat. It openly states to reward equal XP for avoiding combat. (This was standard in 3e, at least in the rules as written.) It also says it won't be a dungeon crawl.

The rest of the bundle: There's a path in here that starts with "The Rising Nights." If you look at the visually similar books then there's a an alphanumeric combination in the top left: A0, A1... and so forth.

I haven't committed a lot of time to this. This is almost entirely adventures and DM tools.

The current RPG Bundle is extraordinary. Delta Green, Apocalypse World, Eclipse Phase. This Bundle might be a clean sweep for me.

I just bought the AW bundle to get The Ward and the Rooms book for BBB. Hopefully we'll get to try The Ward next weekend. Love me some soapy medical drama.

Originally Posted by Raveled View Post
The current RPG Bundle is extraordinary. Delta Green, Apocalypse World, Eclipse Phase. This Bundle might be a clean sweep for me.
The Delta Green would have been a clean swipe for me, if money wasn't tight at the moment. As it stands, however, I doubt whether I'd get even the basic package.

Which is a nice one, but if I get into Delta Green, I'd probably need to run it, if I wanted to sell it to my group. And the Handler's Guide is in the other package.

Slightly venn-diagram still on-topic, but definitely worth noting: HBS is giving away Shadowrun: Returns for free. That's the base game (8ish hours of play, plus 1000 hours of UGC content). For. Free. No joke.


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