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Warhammer 40K

Warhammer 40K

Thought I'd try making a thread to see if anyone else here is a big 40k nerd like I am.

I played it a lot when I was at school, but fell away from the hobby when I went to university. Have played some of the PC games since then, but must admit I might not be fully up to date on the lore.


Well, I'm not up to date on the current lore. I used to play Orks, Chaos, and GorkaMorka an age ago. I really like DH2 as well.

Heading out to LVO this year for 40k as opposed to the usual Warmachine/Hordes so probably qualify as 'huge nerd' lol

I used to be very into it.
Started when 3rd edition was new, possibly before the first 3rd edition codex was released.
Kept it up until my group burned ourselves out in Apocalypse games in 7th Edition and the very fast release schedule.
Then had a small resurgence when it looked like 8th looked like it was fixing a lot of the rules bloat issues.
Alas, as the codexes were released, the bloat returned and I have waned once more.

I didn't like some of the lore changes, though I appreciate that they did try to move on the story. I think they forgot that it is often what is not said that is the most interesting.
Back in the 3rd edition days they would tell you half-truths, accounts from insane archivists or would only hint at the strange secrets hidden between what we knew for sure.
The grey knights were a shadowy organisation that turned up only at the most extreme demonic incursions. They fought with weapons people didn't understand with hidden knowledge and at great cost.
Now they are just super marines that use sorcery. And there are loads of them, and they fight everyone.

The more they filled it in, the less interesting it got.
And they started taking things to extremes like having space wolves riding giant wolves into battle and having ice guns?

I know I am complaining a lot, but in reality, it is only because I love the lore and have very fond memories of games in my youth!

Been playing for about 5 years. My pride and joy is an army of Ork-looted tyranids. I didn’t model or paint them, but bought them from the original creator and commissioned a bunch more from him. They’re awesome, and they’re also what keep me coming back to the game when things get stale.

Never got into the figurines game but very much enjoy the tabletop rpgs and video games.

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