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The 2019 Memorial Thread

The 2019 Memorial Thread

Only 2 days in and we have to do this. Not gonna be a good year, I think.

RIP, Mean Gene Okerlund.

So far, not a good year for names that include adjectives.

RIP, Super Dave Osborne

2019 is apparently not happy with 2018's production in the death department.

RIP, Blake Nordstrom, co-president of Nordstrom.

Captain Daryl Dragon, of The Captain & Tenille.

Yeah, 2019 is gonna be one of THOSE years.

Mean Gene, Super Dave, and Captain Dragon were all 76 when they died as well. Yeesh.

Mean Gene really hurts, as I grew up loving wrestling.

Other kids wanted to be wrestlers. I wanted to be Mean Gene.

RIP Mean Gene

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