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D&D 4e had quite a few Epic Destinies which would make for pretty good planeswalker characters. Though it's still trapped in the chassis of D&D, which isn't really what I'd look for if I were to make a Planeswalker campaign.

The thing with a planewalker is, they're not just someone who travels through universes or summons creatures. They're an all-powerful mage who, in the old days, was like unto a god. If I wanted to actually have PCs playing folks like Jace and Lilliana I'd probably do gestalt and force one of the classes to be wizard. So some of the straight casters like Lil or Jaya would be wizard/cleric or wizard/sorcerer, and someone like Ajani would be wizard/barbarian. At that point, of course, personal duels that involve entire planes or lineages is just the norm.

Originally Posted by Raveled View Post
I'd probably do gestalt
I've seen this a couple times now, can you tell me what Gestalt means?

Originally Posted by Wurtan View Post
I've seen this a couple times now, can you tell me what Gestalt means?
Gestalt is a rule whereby a character essentially has two classes at a time. You take the better base attack bonus, the better save bonus, the higher hit dice, and the class features from both. So a lvl 1 Fighter/Wizard would have +1 BAB, d10 hit dice, Int-based spellcasting, and a familiar. You basically combine two classes into one.

It was originally made for groups that lacked certain features of the "core four" dungeon group but now it tends to pop-up whenever people want to run either ridiculously powerful stuff or games where everyone, say, has a bit of spellcasting or a bit of psionics or a bit of social skill. Rather than give these abilities out by fiat, you just force everyone to take half of their gestalt as bard or whatever fills the need.


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