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The Rise of the Hags

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The Rise of the Hags

The Coast of the Riven Sea - Forum

My first attempt at running a 3.X style game in over 8 years, I'm happy to bring you all to the expanded world of the City of Stormhawk. Now we've crossed the Riven Sea, and found ourselves on a new continent in a new city called Shavren, the City of a Thousand Races.

The game will start at level 6. Six players will be accepted. Recruitment closes on January 24, in 12 days, at which point I will take some time to select my players. Accepted players will be informed.

Character Creation Rules and house rules listed there.
Post applications there.

Questions? Comments? Thoughts? Post them here in the Ad thread!

No, I will not open an OOC thread before the game begins--discussion can happen here in this thread! You can also find me pretty readily on the official Myth-Weavers Discord, any time between 0000 and 0700 Mountain Time.

But I want to play X from this source that you haven't allowed, can-- Immastop you right there, no. The allowed sources and races are the allowed sources and races. All of them are available either on the Spheres of Power wiki or the d20pfsrd. You have lots to choose from!

Is this gestalt? No.
Okay but can it be? Please no.

So, What is this game... yanno, about?

Things have been quiet as of late in Shavren, and your characters likely have some times and reputation being the level that you're at. However, there is a hidden threat in the mountains coming for Shavren: A coven of hags has formed, and is plotting against the city, raising an army of goblins, orcs, ettins, and worse creatures to attack the coastal haven. Whether it's for love of rewards, seeking glory, defending your home, or just because it's the right thing to do, your character will need some reason to want to keep Shavren safe.

The adventure will take your characters out of the city and into the surrounding woods and nearby mountains. If the first adventure is successful, this game will branch off into an ongoing campaign that takes place in the regions surrounding Shavren.

I look forward to seeing your applications!

Game Description:

Whether you've lived in the city of Shavren for long or not, there are a few things you've just never managed to get used to. The sheer variety of peoples living here is one of those things, and the transient population is another. You feel like you hardly have a chance to get to know someone, before they've moved on to somewhere else. Still, for better or worse, Shavren, the City of a Thousand Races, is your home for now.

You walk along the ports, where the cold salty air blows in from the east, watching the airships from Stormhawk dock along the towers and the ocean-faring ships unload their cargo. The sun is beginning to dip low in the sea, and there's a sense of inner peace here.

The Lights forbid anything should disrupt it.

Elsewhere, goblins gather around a terrifying wolf-like creature, howling dark epithets to the mountain-pierced sky, orcs corral ettins together, and begin outfitting them with orc-craft armor and weapons; and above it all, three hideous-looking women watch over it all and cackle.

War is coming to Shavren.

"Fantasy is not divorced from our world. It's a lens through which we explore it." Rhianna Pratchett

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I asked this in Discord but it's probably better to ask here. I'd like to know a little more about the game premise? Is this an urban sandbox type game? Does the adventure take place outside of the city? Will the character's be hired as a group for a task, or will they end up in the same place/same opportunity, as far as game start goes?

Level 6 means they are skilled enough to have a reputation, correct? Do you prefer character's to he familiar with one another?

You all have a reputation for getting things done yes. As stated earlier re: best favored terrain, most of the game will take place outside the city. It's a flexible standard adventure leading into a possible longer campaign. I say "flexible as I know sometimes players really want to get off the beaten path, but this is not intended as a sandbox necessarily.

Your primary enemies at the beginning will be orcs, giants, goblinoids, and shapechangers if that helps.

This looks cool. However, what's the hook? Like Cleokatrah asks, are we going to be hired or is some event going to occur? Don't need to know the details, but it helps if you make a character who's actually going to be interested in the premise of the game.

There will be an event that threatens the city. This is part of why I want bonds and ideals on your apps--so I can appeal to what your characters want in particular.

OK so just a right place, right time sort of thing, and have flexible character who'd be willing to get involved with something? (Don't really want to make an "I don't care" selfish character or, like, a banker who'd rather stay home)

It's implied that firearms are martial weapons but this is still more Commonplace Guns (with 25% off advanced as well) rather than Guns Everywhere? (i.e. no early Gun Training, people still get Gunsmithing, etc)

Correct, you still get gunsmithing with the only change to the feat being that you can't craft advanced ammo (note you can still craft advanced firearms, just not the ammo).

To clarify, the discount on crafting firearms will stack with the already existing discount in the house rules.

Can we craft items before game start?

If so, is the 6k cap on price before or after crafting? (e.g. can I use Craft MA&A to make a +2 weapon costing just over 8k because it only costs me ~4k?)

You can craft potions or scrolls, but not other items.

Exception for gunslinger upgrading to masterwork.


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