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the Saga of Jarnheim - A Mythic Viking Campaign

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the Saga of Jarnheim - A Mythic Viking Campaign

The Saga of Jarnheim - Forum


I’m using the Pathfinder rules to tell the saga of Jarnheim. This will not be like a typical high fantasy campaign, the setting will be based off of a variety of cultural and literary influences and will resemble the Norse/Viking culture. My list of influences includes Norse Myths, Beowulf, the Nordic sagas, Robert E. Howard’s Conan stories, The Eaters of the Dead/ 13th Warrior, the art of Frank Frazetta, , etc. If none of these ring a bell or strike your fancy then this game might not be for you.
The characters will embark on bloody, heroic adventures worthy of songs and tales battling giants and slaying wyrms. There will be plenty of action as befits the setting but the story will be no mere hack and slash dungeon crawl. The characters will be dynamic and real and the story will be living and breathing. I am striving for a mixture of grim and gritty combined with heroic.

The Setting

Jarnheim is a harsh and bitter land of high mountains, dark forests and deep fjords where jarls brood in their mead halls and peasants huddle within their hovels. Humanity’s grasp on the land is tenuous and there are vast tracts of wilderness unclaimed or spoken for in name only, in truth ruled by the beasts and the winter. The people of Jarnheim are prideful and independent admiring strength, courage and steadfastness though not all live up to the ideals, of course.
The setting is low fantasy with magic being uncommon and viewed with awe and suspicion. Jarnheim is a cold and mountainous land that is similar in nature to our world’s Scandinavia but much larger in size. The hospitable lands on the fjords and coast are divided amongst various jarls who represent an ever shifting collection of bitter feuds and tentative alliances. There are other lands to the south across the sea peopled by a myriad of exotic, decadent and weak inhabitants who are ripe for raiding and plundering when the season is right and the weather is fair.


To apply please go to the game forum and follow the directions in the Applications section. I'm hoping for a group of around 4-5 players. A good attitude and good communication are a must. We will try to keep the pace of the game fairly brisk it doesn't get bogged down. I'm hoping for regular posting and communication with me if you have a complication so that the game can move along. I'm shooting for a balance between good roleplaying and hack and slash. There will be combat and action but I want the characters to feel alive and engaged with the setting.

Game Description:

Heroes whose deeds will be immortalized in song will write the Saga of Jarnheim with the blood of their foes. Valhalla awaits those who face their deaths with courage!

Sounds interesting. I'll have to take a look.

This sounds wicked.

Sorry all the available slots have been filled but if you'd like to add an application you will be considered as a backup character.

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