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Your Own Personal Hell in Mist Falls

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Your Own Personal Hell in Mist Falls

Mist Falls - Forum

Current Deadline: Febuary 1st, 2019
This is a rerecruitment ad to pick up 1-2 players who would want to go on their own solo adventure through Mist Falls! Played in Fear Itself 2e, an easy to use GUMSHOE system. Post your application in the Visitor's Center section of the forum.

Game Description:

This is the beginning of an unusual yet satisfying concept that has been in inception for half a year. You're all lost, all missing something, something that you cannot go on living anymore without. That's when you received it, maybe it was a letter, maybe it was a phone call, maybe you saw it in your dreams. But it led you to this place: Mist Falls, PA. Mist Falls has all the answers, for all the questions you want and don't want to be answered. Three of you, three brave volunteers will jump into the unknown with me into a character drive psychological nightmare. Your stories will be incomplete, lost, and forgotten. Your motives will be unclear, you will wander, you will explore, and most importantly you will face whatever skeletons are hiding in your closet. At the end of it, you will not be the same person that entered. Welcome to Mist Falls, PA.

Gumshoe: Fear Itself

This sounds extremely up my alley, but I've never heard of Gumeshoe, could I still reasonably apply, if I got a copy of the rules?

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