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Cheapest source for books

For hard copies, your best bet is probably local used book stores.

For digital copies, it looks like Paizo's online store might be the lowest price, after a cursory search.

*slides link to d20pfsrd and Archives of Nethys* ya know, there is the option to go completely without books...

But, if you gotta have the books, outside of PDFs, your best bet is going to be used, or looking into the paper-back version of the core books. Not as fancy, but it works. But if you're willing to wait for sales on the PDFs, you can occasionally find them as part of a Humble Bundle every so often.

If you need book quickly and not permanently , you can also check a library and loan one if they have them, which they sometimes do. Good way to nose into a book and see if it is worth the price, but again, only if they have them.

If there is a local nearby Pathfinder society group and/or game shop that has PF players, you can try posting a notice. There are always people that play for awhile before quitting. Also I have heard of people selling off their extra PFe1 materials because of PFe2.

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