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The League - 1920's Supers

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This campaign is set in 1920's Chicago, you are a person whose 'special' skills and abilities have caught the eyes of important people. These people are the Mafia, and the mysterious group only known as The Purple.

This campaign will be a double run, meaning, I am running two different yet similar campaigns with this theme, one here as a PbP, and one elsewhere, both will be using this Obsidian Portal for info.

Game Description:

The place, Chicago, the year, 1923. You are one among several people approached by a man in a grey pinstripe suit, he told you that his boss had a job for you, something only you could do. So now, here you are sitting in a waiting room with several other people, waiting for your turn to be called in by the heart faced young woman who seemed to be a secretary of sorts.

The woman comes out the door in the back, she smiles as she looks at you, "Please come to the back, the Boss will see you now," she says simply.

You follow her to the back room, it's very dark in there, with only the light of a lite cigar glowing in the hand of the rooms single occupant, "Welcome," says a rough gravelly voice, "My name's Capone, and from now on, you're working for me."

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If we don't have to work for him then I think I can still manage the star spangled vigilantee. Although I'd have to change some of the disadvantages I planned for otherwise I'd have to try and beat down Capone from the get go.

heh, yeah, especially since, if you read up on your history, the people of Chicago adored Capone like some kind of folk hero, this was during prohibition, when alcohol was outlawed, and capone brought it in, he also brought the money. Chicago was the place to be, and it was because of the Mafia, and capone, the money they brought in went straight to those that needed it whether that was capone's intent, well .. that's a debate I'm not going to get into, heh.

And any powers are allowed pretty much so long as you don't end up like super man, or anything.

PS. Hope my absence hasn't thrown anyone off the boat, I was away at my sister's house for a few days.

Note also that much of the alcohol that was brought in (or made on site) was wood alcohol; this would send you blind or even kill you.

Character concept:-

Damien Moran, AKA Marathon

Damien was born of scientifically-minded parents in California in 1897. Said parents, being great supporters of the
Oh, yes. They went there. You can read all about it if you Google "Eugenics"; pay particular attention to the references to suggested euthanasia on the feeble-minded and poor...
eugenics movement beginning to sweep America, had joined a program which went back seventy years or more, in an effort to breed a superior human being.
As well as each other, the young couple had sexual relations with several other people, all chosen for their genetic 'purity' - mainly, their adherence to the Aryan ideal.

Once born, the so-called 'scientific' babies underwent treatments designed to enhance their minds and bodies, to help them reach their genetic peak. The results from this were indifferent at best, until the Great War, where young Damien (now 16) crossed the border into Canada and enlisted under a false name. Being tall for his age (he had been shaving since age 14) he was readily accepted, and went to France.

What all the careful treatments and scientific studies had been unable to unlock was triggered by the traumas of war. Physical danger, hand to hand fighting and the privations of trench life all combined to flip a switch deep within Damien.

Outwardly, he was unchanged; inside, however, he was a new man. An indifferent shot with rifle or pistol, he found he was able to mix it with the enemy in hand to hand combat, delivering smashing blows that felled the toughest opponents in a single punch, or seizing them with wrestling moves that broke bones and crushed spines.

After the war, he returned home to find that organised crime was crushing the spirit of the honest working man. Stitching a costume together, so as to not be identified, he began to prowl the streets, seeking to clean them up. At first, he left the speakeasies alone, as they were not what he was worried about. However, after breaking up more than one drunken brawl that endangered innocent citizens, he began to pick on them, too. Described by the papers as "A one-man wrecking ball", he began to work his way through the more notorious night-spots, using military tactics (and, on occasion, weaponry) to assist his inborn abilities.

And then one day, he got a mysterious message ...


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