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Battlemaster anyone?

Battlemaster anyone?

I am addicted to this site lol. Just seeing if anyone would be interested in my game. Its homebrew and only 3 pages long, but I have run it before and its fun. Thoughts?

This kinda seems like a simple but easy-to-use system! I admit I really like the name of the system. It does give me something of a character idea for it, though it depends on what sort of game you'd like to run or be willing to run with Battlemaster.

Hey guys, thanks for the comments. Ask any questions you may have. I am not sure when I would do this, as I am DMing 2 games right now, but let me think. I have a character sheet too, that you can see. It was designed by someone for me, thanks to her. Here it is:

Designed by Michelle Zieff

Thanks for the character sheet! And do take your time if you're not sure. I don't mind waiting in case you may have too much on your hands right now. I do know how that is myself ^^;

Your welcome guys, damn now I gotta think about this lol. And thank Michelle Zieff wherever she is now, she is the one who has computer skills that I dont have when it comes to making character sheets

It's a pretty great character sheet, I do have to say. I wish I was good at making those myself besides trying to set some sort of sheet up on Mythweavers posts.

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