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I'll start off by saying that I am a somewhat frustrated roleplayer, as I have had very little opportunity to actually properly play in any games, and those that me and my brother (on this forum under the name deerpoob) have brainstormed never seem to get off the ground. As a result, I am very eager to play!

The very first game that I ever played was in 4e D&D, though it's been some time since I've even read the rules for it. I'm also somewhat familiar with Pathfinder, and have also played short games in GURPS and Mutants & Masterminds, but the main system that I'm familiar with is 5e D&D. I'm in the midst of playing through two campaigns run by my brother through Google Drive. One, based on Shin Megami Tensei using 5e, and another based on a Choose Your Own Adventure game called 'Accidental Magical Girl', using OVA, which is an anime-based system.

I have some experience in playing PbP games (the two aforementioned, and a sadly short-lived homebrew on Giant in The Playground), but in regards to in-person games, while I have been a part of a number with my friends and brothers, the longest any of these has lasted has been three sessions before it fizzles out.

My apologies for this serving of salt, but I hope it illustrates that, with a site like this, I very much hope I can find a game I can really get into.

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this, and I hope to join you in your adventures.

Dungeon on!

Welcome @Deerak63!

As you seem to be familiar with PBP in general, and this site, I'll skip my normal spiel, and delve more into the other things you speak of; fizzling games.

It sounds like you have this IRL as well as through PBP. Is that a correct assessment? Have you thought about why those games have fizzled? I'm going to start with staying that PBP games are notorious for not progressing too far. Player's priorities change, real life steps in, and they cannot dedicate time to online gaming. Or life steps in and they can't even get online. It happens.

So, I think I need to ask some questions. Does this happen when you are GMing or when you are playing? The games you play with your brother and friends, why do they fizzle? Are people unable to commit to getting together regularly? This is VERY common. Ask your friends if they want to continue to play. If so, try and figure out why you can't get together. Is there someone in the group that is causing tension that people don't like?

One thing that I have found in my IRL group is I need to shift how I design a game. When we started, we were all gung-ho about running Adventure Paths. But, to stave off GM burnout, we decided to have one GM run for a year or a year and a half, and then another run. The problem with this, by the time we got back to the original GM< half the players had forgotten what was going on. What I am getting at is, are you and your players in for the long haul of a huge campaign, or should you be running more episodic games? i.e. a simple 'take care of the rats in the basement' story that takes one night, but opens up a couple more plots for the next game.

There are PLENTY of 5E games around here, and some M&M. Not so much for 4E. It can take a while to find a good mix of players that works well together, is willing to put in the commitment for PBP. PBP is a commitment. What can be run in 4-5 hours around a table, may take 2-3 MONTHS in PBP. A lot of people don't have that attention span. Not with the instant gratification of video games, VTT games and other platforms.

Happy to field more questions from you if you like.

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