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Help to start

Help to start

Can somebody accept me as reader in his/her game so I can learn the dynamic an mechanics of myth weaver by reading? Please.

I have sent requests to join as reader in several games but I was not accepted in anyone. So how I do to became a myth-weaver?

Hello @Infomorph, and welcome.

You may want to want to review the information found in the New to Play-by-Post thread. It gives good info about how we do PBP. Also check out the Myth-Weavers Site Rules.

Make sure to poke around the site a the other places, besides the Games & Ads. There is a lot of good information, and a lot of good conversations going on. Get involved in conversations about game systems you know, ask about game systems you don't know about. Check out our Discord server...which is also a great place to meet up with people and see other games being posted.

Are you looking at a specific system? Do you send the GM a PM prior to asking to be added as a reader? Many GMs will not approve a request from anyone with zero posts, as they may be a bot. Show them you are a real person by sending them a PM and stating something along the lines of "I am new to MW and interested in learning how PBP works. Would you mind if I read along with your game to get the feel for how things work?"


Thank you for the advice.

I think the point was, as you said, to request to be added with zero posts. I see the point.

@Infomorph I'm happy to add you as a reader to my Stars Without Number game, if that is of interest. Admittedly it's slow moving, but it's good for getting a feel for how things work.

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