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Username Change Request

Previous private/privatefrom tags will no longer be visible to you since they are username-based. How widespread your usage of these tags is (either by you or by your GMs) should inform your decision on whether to seek a username change.
Is that case sensitive? I was wondering if I could have the first letter capitalized, but I don't want to mess up anything, so if it's any trouble I'll wait for the update

@Spaceace First letter capitalized, no problem at all!

Thank you very much, I've been wanting to change it for the last 10 years, but I was afraid to ask, lol

Hi. Please change my name to Pharaoh .
(If that is taken, I'm also fine with Phara0h .)

@Phara0h done!

Wow, I'm here again requesting a name change? Le gasp! Anyway, could you please change my name to Alex Sloane please? Thanks!

@Alex Sloane done!

Account Name Change Request

Greetings all. Could someone with power change my account name to Hero26 please?

@Hero26 done!

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