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Very New To RPGs

Very New To RPGs

Hello every one. I have always wanted to try playing rpgs but have never had anyone to play with. I have attempted GMing with my children a couple times using the hero kids system with mixed results. I found this site while cruizing through pintrest actually. The PbP concept sounds interesting and i hope to begin playing soon.

Is it safe to assume i will need to get something like the D&D players handbook to do well here?

Hello and welcome! You will only want to get stuff for what you intend to play. We have MANY D&D and Pathfinder players here so you will never really lack for a game I think. Find an Edition you enjoy, grab the materials for that (Pathfinder has all their rules free online), find a game that sounds neat and apply.

By the way, you found us on Pinterest? How strange.

Hello, new friend! Welcome to the site! I hope you'll enjoy playing with us!

As far as books go, that depends on what you're interested in. Certainly D&D 5th edition is the most popular right now, with 8 ads running, and Pathfinder is a close second. But we see all sorts of other games too, from all sorts of Star Wars stuff to really weird things.

Ultimately, though, yeah, if you wanted to get into some good old fashioned Swords & Spells type games, a 5th Edition PHB would be the way to go.

Welcome again, and please let us know, in here, in Site Discussion, or even by PMing me directly (though I do not guarantee a response time! ) if you have any questions!

Welcome! Being new to Play by Post, the New to Play by Post section on the wiki could be helpful, as could the Die Roller and bbCode sections.

If you're looking for help, feel free to ask on the site or check out the Myth Weavers Official Discord for more rapid answers (and fun conversation in general!).

Thanks for the warm welcome guys. @GodKing Zan I followed an image to a page about learning D&D. On that page there was a link to here. I will check out pathfinder.

There are D&D groups, as well.

I think that a great spot to pop in and learn is either the Adventuers League for D&D (specifically 5th edition) or Pathfinder Society ... for Pathfinder, obviously.

These are storylines and plot arcs put out by WotC and Paizo, respectively. Each starts at level 1 and allows you to play the same character in multiple scenarios (just not all at once), meeting new people and learning new things. Both groups of players are extremely friendly and would love to help someone new out who wants to learn the system.

Give 'em a ping, will ya'?

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