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Disappearing Posts

Disappearing Posts

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Relevant Links: https://www.myth-weavers.com/showthr...6#post13893256

Message: I've been noticing some of my posts disappearing for me today after I post them. The weird part is that I know they're actually being posted because other people are replying to them.

An example is the post immediately following the one in the link above. It's just not there for me even after I clear my cache, reload the page (several times), or even after other people reply to it or post in the same thread. It's not that it's blank or anything; there's just no post at all, like I never replied. For me it's a post by Prestar then Jyssika, with nothing in between where my post should be. The same holds true even if I log off and clear the cache and reload the page again.

Do you have any idea what it could be? I am using a new browser (the ESR version of Firefox) and I'm thinking that might be part of the problem, but thought I'd mention it regardless.

Please disregard; I found the problem almost immediately after posting this. It's one of the addons I installed this morning and set up incorrectly. Mea culpa.

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