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Thread delineators

Thread delineators

How do you get the extra delineator on a thread line in the thread list?

(e.g. the word "info" in the "Sticky: info" just before the thread title)

In your game forum, you need to first define an appropriate "thread prefix" (the button with labelled with 'pre' over a cogwheel), e.g. "info".

Then, when creating a thread, you can choose to add one of your defined prefixed to the thread through the dropdown next to the 'title' field.

(The "order", when creating / managing thread prefixes) determines the ordering of the thread prefixes in the dropdown)

Mods can so there's a fair chance a GM can in his games, too. I can't test it at the moment, though.

Try editing the first post in the thread you want to change the prefix and go to 'advanced' view; there you should be able to change the thread prefix.

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