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RWBY, Serenity, 5th, MM3e, Hi! Lurking no more

RWBY, Serenity, 5th, MM3e, Hi! Lurking no more

Hi! I am Kennis. I have used this site before. Mostly with character sheets and had an account years ago. (lost the associated email, no biggie) Anyways, been wanting to find a game or two to play and decided to give this site a try. I have tried others and things did not go well. It kept me away from all sites for a while. But going to try here.

I have a character idea for the RWBY setting. This is what brought me here as I just started season 6 today. My poor character has joined two games elsewhere that both devolved and I really like the idea for the character and hope to find a home for him.

I also have the books for the Serenity RPG and really like them. Also love the setting, though I don't know the lore too much as I've only seen the series and movie once each.

Of course dungeons and dragons 5th edition is always good. A game with the adventure league rules, so is pretty basic as I don't want to get lost. I haven't played it yet, just made characters. Of course a lot of character ideas.

Mutants and masterminds 3rd is another I've gotten the rules for character creation on Hero Lab and of course its SRD. It looks like it could be way too complicated for me to hop into a game with people wanting to go all out, so someone who wants to run a more basic/beginner game.

Anyways, Sorry for the longer intro. Figure I would throw it all out here and look for games that fit over the next little bit.

As for who I am, I am a single mom. I don't have the greatest social skills as I only really talk to my kids. But I try! I am 29 and yeah. Hope to find a few parties!

Hi hi.

I definitely know that "character in search of a home" feeling; my werewolf Tamara has been there a few times.

M&M3e is a lot of fun! If you want a laid-back game with very helpful people who will hold your hand through character-building as needed, come check out Avengers' Academy.

Alas, I know squat about 5e; I'm a 3.5 junkie myself.

Welcome back!

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