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Hello & 2 Questions...

Hello & 2 Questions...

Hello everyone,

I'm quite new to role playing (having only played a total of 2-3 games of a few weeks each of 5e last year) and having never played a play-by-forum game.

So, that being said I have two questions... :-)

1) I'd like to apply to this game (https://www.myth-weavers.com/showthread.php?t=455405), but they requested applications in the "Applications" sub forum and I'm not sure how to even find that... so any help would be great...!

and 2) Does combat happen in most play-by-forum games? Such as with dice rolling and posting results (or a random number generator) or just via in-game chat and posting or does it vary. Just wondering (as I "roleplayed" in online chat forums, oh... aeons ago in a time before broadband, when dice rolling in chat windows was just becoming a thing).

Thanks everyone/anyone for your help - and looking forward to being here!

Hi Jazierel and welcome to Myth-Weavers!

For your first question, there's a little link labeled "forum" at the top of the game ad. It will take you to the game's forum and you can find the application section there. Here's a direct link if you're having trouble.

For your second question, yes. The forum has a built-in dice roller, and most games that feature combat (like D&D) do so in play-by-post format and use the dice roller. There are exceptions, of course.

I hope that helps, and good luck!

As an add on to the die roller question, there's a full Die Roller Wiki entry going through the features and use of the site's die roller.

Hello and Welcome, @Jazierel!

You may want to want to review the information found in the New to Play-by-Post thread. It gives good info about how we do PBP. Also check out the Myth-Weavers Site Rules.

Make sure to poke around the site a the other places, besides the Games & Ads. There is a lot of good information, and a lot of good conversations going on. Get involved in conversations about game systems you know, ask about game systems you don't know about. Check out our Discord server...which is also a great place to meet up with people and see other games being posted.

As Whosit mentioned, the Applications subforum is within the game. There should be character creation guidelines around somewhere....ooooh yes, I remember this game now... Have fun!!!

It depends on the game, but I have only been in one game where there was no combat. That was a Call of Cthulhu game. Combat is extremely deadly, and more often than not, the encounters where combat may be a foregone conclusion are with creatures from beyond time and space that make you go insane before you get to raise your weapon.

Please feel free to ask any questions you have. We're here to help.

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