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Newcomers, don't be shy, come and introduce yourself! Our members will be delighted to bring you into the fold.

An Introduction

An Introduction

Hello, all! I知 Henbane, and I知 happy to join the Mythweaver community. I知 new to tabletop-style roleplay, but I致e been a play by post roleplayer for a few years now and I知 well-versed in collaborative writing. Currently, I知 interested in D&D and Pathfinder systems, and on the gaming side of things, I like to play Guild Wars 2. I look forward to telling stories with you all.

Welcome @Henbane!

Being new to Play by Post, you may find the information in the New to Play-by-Post thread useful.

It's great that you've got a game in which you can drop right in, but certainly explore some as well! Games & Ads shows all the games currently advertising, as well as the Game Planning subforum for folks looking to flesh something out before starting. Also don't hesitate to check out systems you haven't tried, the community is always happy to help with such.

If you're looking for some more rapid fire discussion, check out the community's Discord server, which is also a great place to meet up with people and see other games being posted.

Most importantly, have fun!

Hey there, @Henbane!

Welcome to Myth-Weavers!

I just suggested that the best way someone get acquainted with a system is Adventurers League here on the site!

It really is a good spot to dip your toe in, get the hang of Play-By-Post if you want to.

The other option is look up at the top at the Games tab. This is where all of our Game Ads are, as well as a link to the game planning thread for those seeing if there is an interest in a particular type or style of game.

Go check out those links and have fun exploring!
(Also, come to the Discord server - don't mind the harpoons, they are friendly. And don't forget to complement Ahab Colin on his beard!)

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