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Hello all

I made this account a long time ago, never posted, forgot about the account, and now just rediscovered it when I tried to register again. Life is strange. :/

My first RPG was Basic D&D in 1981. I switched to AD&D when I bought the Expert rules and the PHB at the same time. While I tried several other systems (Star Frontiers, Cyberpunk, GURPS 3e, Villains & Vigilantes, to name a few) but AD&D was always my favourite. I played RPGs regularly until 1995 when busy lives finally shutdown my usual gaming group for good.

I returned to RPGs in 2009 while looking for something to do on Google Wave. That was my first experience with play-by-post gaming, which basically ended with Wave. In 2014, I played a few OSRIC sessions on Roll20 when an old friend wanted to test the service. I currently play in a few PbP games on other online services.

What brought me back here was an ad for an AD&D game. It is still my favourite so I could not resist.

Hello! We do indeed get an ad for older D&D editions every now and then. We have a great friendly community so I'm sure you'll find a game just fine.

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