I had a thought. What does Doctor Doom do every time right before a battle? He monologues. He monologues, cajoles and threatens better than almost anybody. Why does he do this? So he can give himself and his minions his Inspire Courage bonus! Yeah, what about a bard build? Skill points, arcane casting, room for combat and lots of bloviation.

But Doom cannot simply be a bard. No, that's too mundane. So I've been thinking about an appropriately wacky Doom Bard build. I haven't figured out skill points to qualify, but this is what I've got now:

Bard 6/Mindbender 1/ Ur Priest 2/ Effigy Master 3/ Sublime Chord 1/ Mystic Theurge 7

So Bard 6 plus Mindbender 1 plus Effigy Master 3 gives you Base bard casting of 9, which is 3rd level arcane spells needed for Sublime Chord. You qualify for Mind Bender and that gives you the boost to Fort saves to qualify for Ur Priest. Mystic Theurge builds on Ur Priest and Sublime Chord casting.

You need to spend feats on: Iron Will, Spell Focus (Evil), Craft Wondrous Items.

You get: Bardsong (Base +1 but we can fix that), Bard casting 9th level, Ur Priest casting up to 9th level spells and Chord casting up to 8th level spells, all spells can be cast in a minimum of light armor.

8 feats to spend, 3 for PrC's
We can get Song of the Heart (and vest of legends, badge of valor and Inspirational Boost) for Inspire courage of +4
Battle Caster and Medium Armor proficiency so you can cast spells in your +5 Mithral Mechanus Gear armor.

I don't know if it would work out with all the skill requirements, but you can do almost all the things if you figure it out.