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Very Important Stuff

Very Important Stuff

You can use this thread to write down or 'copy-paste' important stuff. This way you don't have to search through the entire forum.

A recap on the events of the last week:

On the day of the festival and opening of the new cathedral the Town of Sandpoint was attacked by Goblins. Luckily, a group of heroes was on the spot the save the day. On the following day you discovered that the attack was organized by more than one tribe of goblins. This is unique, as the goblin tribes in this area do not usually co-operate.

You also discovered that during the raid the graveyard was desecrated. Specifically, the goblins entered the mausoleum of Father Tobyn and his adopted daughter Nualia. The bones of father Tobyn were stolen. Father Tobyn was the previous priest of Sandpoint. Nualia was an orphan he adopted. She had angelic beauty, which made her the target of many of Sandpoint's young and adult men, as well as the envy of many of Sandpoint young females who could not cope with the competition over the attention of the men. Even Zeno remembers Nualia, and was secretly in love with her (like most of Sandpoint boys). Both Tobyn and Nualia died when the old church burned 5 years ago, although Nualia's bones were never found.

A few days later, you witnessed an emotional argument between Lunjiko Kaijitsu and his daughter Ameiko at the Rusty Dragon. Lunjiko wanted to leave Sandpoint and take Ameiko with him. She refused, and some bad words were said. A dead mother was also mentioned. On the following morning Ameiko was gone. A letter found in her room told you that she went to meet her brother Tsuto at the family's glassworks.

At the glassworks you encountered more goblins who were lead here by Tsuto through underground smuggling tunnels. You also found Lonjiku. He was killed in a most horrible way - molten glass was purred over him turning him to a horrific statue. After killing the goblins you went down to the basement and found Tsuto. You had to kill him because he would not surrender. He mentioned a big plan he and his friends had for Sandpoint. You found Ameiko, beaten and bloody, and took her to the Cathedral. After she recovered a little, she told you that Nualia did not die in the fire 5 years ago. Tsuto met her in Magnimar and together they formed a band of criminals that is now camped with the goblins at Thistletop. Tsuto loved Ameiko and wanted her to join them. In Tsuto's office you found his journal. The information within it will be in a different post.

While investigating the smugglers tunnels you stumbled upon an older underground complex - the catacombs. This complex was built by the Thassilonian Runelord Alaznist. You discovered all sorts of shrines (to Lamashtu the goddess of beasts), torture chambers, cells etc. There was also a Runewell, which spawns Sinspawns when blood is sacrificed in it. In the catacombs you met the quasit Erylium. One of the original denizens of the place, she was locked here for thousands of years and went completely nuts. She believes the catacombs are her kingdom, the Sinspawns her soldiers and the Zombies her citizens. From talking to her you learned that you were not the first to find the catacombs. She already met with Nualia and Tsuto and considers Nualia as her army general. She also spoke of big plans for "the enemy above". You managed to capture Erylium and kill her Sinspawns, but she got away and disappeared. You left the tortured souls of her zombies to suffer on for eternity though. Awarthannen learned much more about the catacombs and Erylium. He might want to share it in his own post.

In the catacombs you also met Korovus - the goblin hero of the Seven-Tooth Tribe. Korovus ventured into the catacombs to look for treasure. Erylium found him and convinced him to drink Lamashtu's holy waters. He became a monstrous mindless creature. You put an end to his misery.

Tsuto's Journal

Tsuto's Journal

The well worn journal is bound in leather and filled with musings by the embittered half-elf as well as artistic sketches both lewd and profane. A lot of what Tsuto describes as his miserable life, Zeno knew already, or at least could guess based on rumors and gossip every Sandpoint citizen is aware of. However, many disturbing new facts become abundantly clear.
What follows is a summery of the journal and of what can be understood from the subtext, and then the three last pages are added as images at the end.

Tsuto was something of a scandal when he was born back in 4688, since he's a half- elf, it was obvious that Lonjiku wasn't the boy's father, and his rage at the discovery of his wife's indiscretion was the talk of the town for months. Lonjiku's wife Atsuii never revealed who the father was.

Tsuto was handed over to the Turandarok Academy to be raised outside of the Kaijitsu family, ignored by his father and forbidden visits from his mother. As a boy he suffered a lot of humiliations from other kids in town, especially about being a bastard boy. When Ameiko was 10 she learned about her older brother growing up in Turandarok Academy. She started visiting him in secret a few times a month to keep him company, bring him some food, and promise him that someday things would get all sorted out. But for Tsuto, things never got better.

Tsuto harbors a deep-seated hatred for the town of Sandpoint after being bundled off to the Turandok Academy and treated by his father as a disgrace to his family. He believes his mother was killed by his father, and the journal lists a number of other personal slights by various townspeople, both real and imagined.

According to the journal, a year ago Tsuto met a familiar face while in Magnimar: Nualia, the adopted daughter of Father Tobyn. Everyone believed Nualia was killed when the old church burnt to the ground during the Late Unpleasantness, but Tsuto recognized her, and remembered her and her angelic beauty from his childhood. He was never brave enough to speak to her back then, but now he found in Nualia a partner who shared his feelings of hate towards Sandpoint's townsfolk. Very soon they became lovers, or at least Tsuto felt they were. Nualia then, is very much alive and was behind the recent goblin raid on the town. Tsuto suspects that she was also responsible for the fire that killed Father Tobyn and burned down the Church to fake her own death.

It was Tsuto who led the goblin raid, at Nualia’s instruction, to serve as a distraction while he stole Father Tobyn’s remains, leaving the robe of undead behind as a mock warning for Father Zantus and the rest of the town. He blackmailed his father Lonjiku into allowing the use of the Glassworks basement and tunnels to infiltrate in and out of the town unseen.

Nualia is planning a second attack, this one much larger, with the sole intent of razing Sandpoint to the ground. The act will serve as a key element in a ritual she is attempting to perform which will physically transform her into a demonic monstrosity – a transformation which has already begun with the desecration of Father Tobyn’s remains. There is a sketch of an inhuman arm and over-sized claw, presumably Nualia’s. Tsuto is clearly both in awe and in terror of her.

Tsuto’s infatuation with his half-sister Ameiko went far beyond that of a traditional sibling bond. It seems as she was the only person he ever thought kind to him, his feelings delved from love to lust and finally to obsession. When Nualia made the decision to destroy the town by fire, he was compelled to come and rescue Ameiko and her alone. He contacted Ameiko, eager to share with her the ‘freedom’ he had achieved thanks to Nualia, and promised that after killing their father they will both finally be together and free. He then lured his father to the glassworks and exacted a personal revenge on the man who had rejected him his whole life. Lewd sketchings of Ameiko decorate the interior of the journal.

According to the journal, in the smuggler’s tunnels beneath the glassworks Nualia had apparently discovered an older passage, one that had been sealed, and was drawn to unseal it – there she discovered an ancient temple to the Mother of Monsters, Lamashtu and a small quasit-demon lives there in service to the Goddess. It was there that Nualia received her indoctrination, learned of the transformation ritual and received some sort of powerful artifact as a gift. Tsuto is vague about the demon though he has met it at least once, referring to it as 'she', and speaks of other terrifying creatures below in its service. Though none of these creatures have ventured forth from the catacombs below, they are expected to assist in the assault on the town when the time comes.

Tsuto thinks the second attack on the town is to come in some weeks’ time. Nualia is currently planning the assault from Thistletop where she has assumed control of a local goblin tribe and has begun to clandestinely gather others as well. The only delay is her apparent frustration with trying to free a greater evil from within the ancient stronghold of Thisteltop, thinking to add its strength to her own.

Awarthanen shares with you what he learened in the grafitti room and on his talk with Bordret Quinck:

The graffiti on the walls in the torture room seemed to be Erylium's writings. Written over the centuries they tell her story, and her view of the world after she spent millennia down here and obviously turned completely nuts. However, from the short time Awarthannen spent with the little devil, he learned how her broken mind works, what are only delusions that should be ignored, and what are seeds of truth and actual events.
From Erylium's graffiti he managed to learn the following: the catacombs were originally a laboratory and prison run by a cruel man named Xaliasa, who had given his soul to the demon Lamashtu in return for great power and knowledge. He was in the service of the Thassilonian Runelord Alaznist. Eventually, his work drove Xaliasa mad, and he came to be known to his minions as the Scribbler. He perished in these catacombs when Thassilon fell, yet his pet quasit Erylium survived.
After spending centuries alone and trapped in the dark catacombs, Erylium went insane as well. Originally obsessed with escaping, she eventually came to see the complex as her own private empire. She speaks of her subjects, who appear to be walking dead (the zombies) and her guardian knight who seems to have only a head with wings (vargouille). Over the centuries she pored over the crumbling texts and notes left behind by her former master, and eventually became a spell caster, worshiping Lamashtu as her demonic patron. For thousands of years Erylium ruled her tiny realm with petty cruelty and glee.
On one occasion (not clear how long ago) humans from above broke into the catacombs and caught Erylium off guard. She managed to scare them off, but by the time she'd recovered from her triumphant celebrations, they'd already bricked up her escape route to the lands above. Yet the event had done the trick and drove the quasit even more obsessed - this time with the humans above, who plot to take over her kingdom.
Over the next decades/centuries , she listened for countless hours at the top of "the ruined stairs", eager to learn more of the Enemy Above. With the help of her deity she learned more and more about Sandpoint. Eventually she even sent a spy out - a tiny winged creature she calls Orm. As the years wore on, Erylium was led to believe that something was coming, something that would provide her with a real army, and that a General was even now being groomed by Lamashtu for her glory.
Then the "secret well" mysteriously reactivated. Erylium saw this as a sign, and guided by Lamashtu, used the minor runewell to call forth sinspawns to aid her in the times to come. Soon thereafter, Lamashtu revealed that Erylium's general was nearly ready, and not a long time passed before her General showed up at the catacombs ignorant of her glorified future. Erylium writes that this general has silver hair and violet eyes, and her name is Nualia. Erylium took to the role of mentor for Nualia with pride. Soon, she believed, her empire shall grow. Some time passed (years?) and Nualia set out to build an army and gain allies for the cause. She returns to the catacombs every now and then, sometimes alone, and sometimes with her lover Tsuto. Recently, she left to meet the goblins of the Thisteltop clan.
After Nualia opened the Catacombs of Wrath, very few other creatures wandered into the dungeon. One of them, though, was
a goblin named Koruvus. Amused by his stupidity, Erylium convinced him to drink of Lamashtu's holly waters whereupon he was twisted into a monstrous, insane mockery by the fickle cruelty of Lamashtu's whims. The quasit was initially amused by this
development, but it didn't take her long to see that she is unable to control this creature. She made him a knight of her kingdom, and ordered him to stay away from her while she plotted how to kill him.

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