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Burnt Offerings Part I - Festival of Fire

Burnt Offerings Part I - Festival of Fire

Outside Sandpoint
Sunrise, Autumn Equinox 22ed of Rova, 4707AR
Aggezar woke up as the first rays of sunrise pierced through the trees. Today was a special day; a good day. The folk in town were having another of their festivals. Aggezar liked Sandpoint festivals. It meant free food.
He picked up his halberd, daggers, bow and quiver, signaled Shaataq to join him and went on his routine patrol of the woods. A good day was no reason to neglect his self-assigned duty as protector. The woods were quiet. The only noise he could hear in this early hour of the day was his footsteps on the moist leaves. Shaataq was playfully chasing a tiny bird. Aggezar bathed in the river. It was cold. Mid-autumn. He rubbed some jasmine flowers on his skin. He didn't like the human kids making jokes about how he smelled.
Back in his make-shift camp, Aggezar puts on his armor and his best clothing: the same ones he wore yesterday, but cleaner. He scraped them with wood bark to make the stains go away. Picking up his weapons, he signaled Shaataq again and started walking towards the town. The woods became thinner as he reached the main road and turned to the south following the coast on his right. The sun was shining, the sea gulls calling. "A great day" he thought to himself, imagining a mouthful of Ameiko's curry-spiced salmon, Martha's peppercorn venison, Lady Quinn's lobster chowder and Risa's spiced potatoes. But what really made his mouth water were thoughts of Brinni's cinnamon apples, the Avertin twins black and red berries pie, Solsta's pumpkin pie, and Shayliss Vinder... oh that voluptuous Shayliss Vinder... He quickly shook his head, cleared his mind... that Shayliss always penetrates his thoughts somehow, even when he thinks of food. As he gathered his thoughts he noticed he was right outside the gate, near that sign that meant so much to him. "Welcome to Sandpoint" Aggezar read aloud, "Please stop to see yourself as we see you!"
He looked at his image in the mirror hanging on the sign post. He was clean, smelling of jasmin flowers and ready for the festivities. He walked through the north gate, nodding to the two morning-shift guards. That's when much to his dismay, he noticed Frarnack and Galstack sitting right outside The White Deer inn. The kids in Sandpoint were scared of Aggezar. Whenever he walked into town, all they did was run into the nearest house and watch him through the safety of a window. But not Frarnack and Galstack. They were mean to him first, and run to safety later. "Not even these two can ruin my day" he thought to himself, but just then they spotted him walking down Church Street and the all too familiar childish smile crossed their faces. Frarnack started dancing his taunting Shoanti-tribal dance while Galstack started rhyming

"Aggy Aggy always angry!
Aggy Aggy looks like a baggy!!
Aggy Aggy smells like a Troll!
Aggy Aggy run back to your hole!!"

Just as the annoying rhyme ended both boys sprang away screaming in joy and running into the inn, only to bump into a woman wearing a nun's robe just stepping out through the door and blocking their way.

The White Deer,
Sunrise, Autumn Equinox, 22ed of Rova, 4707AR
Parice woke up as the fist rays of the morning sun pierced through the window of her room in The White Deer inn. She stood up and walked to the window set in the north wall. It commanded an impressive view of the Varisian Gulf. Only yesterday she had to bury Margaret, her mentor, in the boneyard outside the new Sandpoint Cathedral and she already began to feel as if a weight was lifting off her shoulders. Her feelings of sadness and loneliness seemed to struggle with the feelings of awe at the splendid view from her window and the anticipation of the Swallowtail festival and the consecration ceremony for the new cathedral. For a price of 5 silver coins, her room at The White Deer was surprisingly spacious, clean and comfortable. A knock on the door. "Breakfast", she heard the now familiar deep voice of Gariddan, the Shoanti inkeeper. How a man so quiet and somber becomes an inkeeper was beyond her. Mysterious are the ways of the gods.
Downstairs in the common room, Parice sits down for a quick breakfast. The walls of the common room are decorated with all sorts of tribal tools and costumes. Gariddan, no doubt, is proud of his heritage. The room quickly fills with patrons; new comers who must have arrived here late last night after Parice was already in bed. Parice had to admit the food was not the best she ever had, but for the price she paid it seemed good value. Besides, Gariddan's wife, Martha, explained that later today The White Deer will offer traditional Shoanti cuisine for free at the festival. Martha didn't look like a Shoanti at all. She was a delicate woman with a gentle motherly smile on her face at all times. What a woman like that finds in Gariddan was beyond Parice. Mysterious are the ways of the gods.
Parice finished her breakfast quickly. The keynote speeches of the Swallowtail festival will begin soon. As she stood up and was approaching the door she could hear the voice of a child rhyming about a troll or some other local children's rhyme. As she stepped out into Church Street she nearly fell over as Gariddan's two sons came running and screaming, laughing frantically as they futilely attempt to squeeze through the door. Just a few feet from there a strange site caught her eye: an half-orc, geared up to war it seems, with halberd and bow, standing in the middle of the street, confused as if lost in thoughts, with a magnificent cat by his side. For a split second there Parice could swear she smelled jasmine. "Mysterious are the ways of the gods", she thought to herself.

Lost Coast Road
South of Sandpoint
Sunrise, Autumn Equinox, 22ed of Rova, 4707AR

Kalta Sigani woke up later than she planned. The sun was already in the sky and she had to squint when she looked up through the trees trying to asses the time since sunrise. It wasn't too late she decided. She rolled up her bedroll and secured it tightly to her backpack, had some bread and cheese from her last traveling ration and packed the remaining stuff into the bag. After a quick bath in a road side spring, she put on her silk gown and tied her pouch belt with all that the she thought was necessary for the rest of the day. It was only about an hour walk from here to Sandpoint.
She left most of her traveling gear hidden inside an old tree trunk and began the short journey north towards town. As she took the final bend on the Lost Coast Road Sandpoint's smoking chimneys and bustling streets greeted her with open arms. A wooden bridge crossing over the Turandarok river was all that separated her from the welcoming town.
A wooden sign greeted her approach. "Welcome to Sandpoint! Please stop to see yourself as we see you" it said. A mirror was hanging on the wood plates. "Exactly what I needed" she thought and pulled out her small make-up box from the belt pouch. As she bent over to look through the mirror and fix her make-up, her silk gown slipped over her body, caressing it gently and revealing some of her upper left leg. She padded her chicks with white and pink powder, used Kelish Blue to bolster her facial tattoos and Varisian Red to paint her lips. Just then she noticed a creepy feeling taking over her body, as if someone was watching her. Instinctively she turned her head back to see a young handsome man, dressed in fine silk and leather clothing. His long dark hair flowing past his shoulders, framing a long face with strong features and a thin red scar that crosses over his strong Chelaxian nose. The young man was too busy glaring at her bare left buttock to notice she was staring right at him.

Kaijitsu Manor
Sunrise, Autumn Equinox, 22ed of Rova, 4707AR

"Jack! Jack! Jackson Ratarion! You better get your bony ass over here now boy!" Lonjiku's voice boomed through the corridors of the Kaijitsu Manor. Jack just started working for the nobleman Lonjiku Kaijitsu two days ago. His belongings were still kept in his room at the Rusty Dragon - the inn owned by Ameiko Kaijitsu, the only daughter of Jack's new employer. Kaijitsu Manor, like all the other manors owned by Sandpoint richest, is perched on the bluff overlooking Sandpoint from the south. Though Kaijitsu Manor is the smallest of the manors on the bluff, what this manor lacks in stature and size it more than makes up for in the exotic and impressive furnishings within. Jack hurries through the corridor into his master's bedchamber.
"Where do I find these worthless men?!" Lonjiku half-mutters to himself, half-speaking to Jack, who just walked in "I should punish them all.."
"Oh there you are boy," he continues, as if he just now noticed Jack for the first time. "How is my daughter doing in her flophouse?"
Although the question seems a simple one, two days with Lonjiku were enough to let Jack know there is nothing simple about the noble's relationship with his daughter Ameiko. In fact, the animosity he feels towards her is as clear as the bright blue sky, at least to those who wish to see it. Sometimes Jack felt he was being asked to spy over Ameiko rather than just watch over her. Before Jack managed to gather his thoughts and answer, Lonjiku barked: "Well if you go there later this evening tell her she should come and visit her sick father. Now I need you to go find Mayor Deverin, she's probably at the festival preparations at the cathedral's plaza. Tell her I'm sick. I will not be attending. Leave me now. And take the chamber-pot with you."
Jack picked up the chamber pot and emptied its contents into the sea from the manor's balcony. "This is not what I signed for" he thought to himself as he washed the pot.
A few minutes later he buckled his rapier, and left the manor planing to pick up some of his gear and armor in Ameiko's Rusty Dragon before he heads to the cathedral to find Mayor Deverin. He quickly trod down the Schooner Gulch Road and turned left towards Sandpoint Bridge. Just before that bridge which all who enter Sandpoint must cross stood the sign with the mirror. "Welcome to Sandpoint! Please stop to see yourself as we see you!" the sign says. Right in front of the sign stood a woman who actually took the written phrase literally, and was bending over to take a better look at herself.
She was a young striking woman, although just a bit too short maybe. Her tanned skin covered by tattoos. Her body, or at least some of it, covered by a high quality silk gown with embroidered symbols. Jack was too busy gazing at the one bare buttock he could barely see through the flowing silky gown to notice the woman was turning her head and staring right at him.

Forested Dirt Road
East of Sandpoint
Sunrise, Autumn Equinox, 22ed of Rova, 4707AR
Chatahee traveled since daybreak. The road he was traveling on was certainly not a well traveled one and he was beginning to worry he was either lost or that he might be ambushed by goblins rumored to be infesting these woods. Every now and then the road was covered by thorny bushes or slippery moss and was becoming hard to follow. His instincts however, told him he was at least walking in the right direction - always west following the Turandarok river.
When the river finally made its long final bend the road became clearer and wider. Piles of cut timber collected on the road side were the first signs of civilization he had seen in a few days. A couple of hours later, the trees around him suddenly disappeared and he found himself on the banks of a large pond. A mill was constructed on the opposite bank, and behind it the bustling streets of Sandpoint with the new Cathedral and the Old Light ruins dominating the sky line. A narrow wooden bridge crossed over the Turandarok river leading to a narrow street overlooked by a cliff on top of which was the town's graveyard.
As Chatahee approaches the bridge, two lads in dirty clothing who until now were playing knuckl-bones in the mud run to him.
"Wow! Look at the fauchard!! Is that a fauchard?! Can I touch it? Can I? May I?" one of them ecstatically shouts.
"Are you here for the festival? Are you here to hunt down Old Murdermaw?" asks the other one with excited open eyes.
"Are you stayin' at the Rusty Dragon? Want us to show you around? We can show you around if you want!"
"Got any coins? we can carry your bag for you if you got coins! can I carry the fauchard?"

Chatahee the Longspear
Half Elf Fighter
Vital Information
Current AC:18 Touch:13
Flat Footed: 16 CMD:17
Current HP: 13/13
Fort +4 Ref +2 Will +3/+5 vs enchantments
Temporary Conditions and Magical Effects None

As If Taking Ten
Trained Knowledge Skills
K Engineering: 14
K Geography: 11
As if Taking Ten
Passive Skill Checks
Perception : 18
Sense Motive: 12
Stealth (in armor) : 12
Things which are permanent or long lasting which affect your character or others
Permanent Abilities or Magical Effects
Combat Reflexes allows AOOs even while flat footed.
Immune to Sleep spells and effects.
+5 Will Saves vs Enchantments

Things you think are important for others to know

Chatahee, stops.. grins in a knowing fashion at both lads, while having a good old peer into the cover nearby. The bridge was a choke point, a place where the unwary might get jumped. While he couldn't blame them their attempt to hustle him, he'd done a fair amount of that himself after all, it seemed to him that these two lads must've thought his head had buttons on the back.

"Sorry lads, the only ones who've ever touched the lady here are me and the ones I've put in the ground, though different ends are involved, if you catch my drift. As for the rest, well I'm here for anything that offers coin.", he says smoothly, his tone studiedly neutral.

A moment later he adds... "Tell you what though, drop by the Rusty Dragon this evening and I'll buy you a drink or two while you regale me with the local goings on and gossip. Can't say better than that, now can I?"

Unable to find any characters in game 24682

The half-orc looks quizzically at the two adolescents squirming to get back up from the ground. He fought to hide his amusement behind a gruff facade, "Do you see? This is the sort of thing that happens to those who hesitate. You should have run off the moment you saw me. Then this wouldn't have happened. Learn from this!" He punctuates the last statement by thumping the butt of his halberd on the ground.

Parice, Child of Sarenrae
Oread, Cleric
Please keep this up to date, especially during Combat
Vital Information
Current AC: 9 (Not Currently wearing Armor) Touch: 9
Flat Footed: 9 CMD: 13
Current HP: 10/10
Fort +4 Ref -1 Will +6
Please Include Any Temporary Effects and Note If They Are Already Calculated Into The Stats. Please Provide Links If You Can
Temporary Conditions and Magical Effects
As If Taking Ten
Trained Knowledge Skills
Religion: 14; Geography: 11
As if Taking Ten
Passive Skill Checks
Perception : 14
Sense Motive: 14
Other Relevant Skill : None
Things which are permanent or long lasting which affect your character or others
Permanent Abilities or Magical Effects
Aura of Good
Energy Resistance 5/Acid
Darkvision 60 ft
Student of Fait: Cast all heal spells at CL +1 and +1 on Channel Energy DC's
Things you think are important for others to know
Is in mourning
Parice didn't have much time to actually take in more than the base characteristics of the half-orc in front of her before her forward momentum brought her to an abrupt stop as one of the. boys were standing on the edge of her clothing, sending her toppling over into the street infront of the half-orcand the boy onto the inns floor.

Church Street,
Morning, Autumn Equinox 22ed of Rova, 4707AR

As Parice gets up from the street's floor, brushing of dust from her clothes, she comes to stand almost face to face with Aggezar the half-orc and his big cat. The cat was eyeing her with a strange look that made her wonder if cats can be amused, but the half orc was busy lecturing the two trouble makers rather than help her up from the ground. "Learn from this!" he called to them as they hurried into the White Deer. His points and reasoning seemed to be the last thing they cared to hear.

Corner of High Street and Festival Street, Sandpoint
Morning, Autumn Equinox 22ed of Rova, 4707AR
Cautiously and warily Chatahee crosses the narrow wood bridge, ready to deal with any hustlers, muggers or robbers. The two dirty lads remained behind for a couple of seconds baffled by the unexpected offer of free drinks at the Rusty Dragon. After a short conversation between them however, they quickly follow the half elf to make sure promises are kept.
"I'm Jayl" says one of them as they catch up with Chatahee.
"I'm Daver", says the other one, "we're twins".
"But not identical, I'm taller"
"Yeah, but I was born first"
"He has a mole here" says one of them, your not sure who, while pointing with his finger to his chin.
"My hair is blond when mama washes it"
"Mine too, but not the same"
"Yea, different"
"So you here for the festival?"
"What's your name?"
"That way is Festival Street" shows one of them pointing south, to a long street with flags, banners and all sorts of street decorations over-hanging from wall to wall. Stalls and wagons are parked along the main road and local merchants are busy loading them with all sorts of drinks, fruits, sweets and pies.
"And that way is High Street" the other lad points west, to another decorated street, where more wagons are parked and platforms were built for all sorts of street performers and games, "it leads to the new cathedral, where they are going to open the Swallowtail festival in a few minutes."
"Yeah, Mayor Deverin will be there, and Sheriff Balor, and Mr. Kaijitsu, and everyone"
"but that's boring..."


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