Chatahee the Longspear
Half Elf Fighter
Vital Information
Current AC:18 Touch:13
Flat Footed: 16 CMD:17
Current HP: 13/13
Fort +4 Ref +2 Will +3/+5 vs enchantments
Temporary Conditions and Magical Effects

As If Taking Ten
Trained Knowledge Skills
K Engineering: 14
K Geography: 11
As if Taking Ten
Passive Skill Checks
Perception : 18
Sense Motive: 12
Stealth (in armor) : 12
Things which are permanent or long lasting which affect your character or others
Permanent Abilities or Magical Effects
Combat Reflexes allows AOOs even while flat footed.
Immune to Sleep spells and effects.
+5 Will Saves vs Enchantments

Things you think are important for others to know

Chatahee fills his belly, drinks lightly then heads upstairs to his room. In his room he cleans himself, his armour. He checks his wounds. He puts his armoured shirt back on, leaving the armoured kilt in his pack. He could sleep easily enough in the shirt, but not with the kilt attached. He thanks the Gods for luck in battle, bars the door with a chair, closes the wooden shutters at the windows, makes the form of a sleeping man in his bed with the inn's blankets and sleeps on the floor, on the side of the bed away from the window.