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Best Character Quotes- now with 50% less context!

Burn that village down, before it kills us all!

Well, if it were me and I saw a guy with a minotaur penis as a necklace, I'd probably run for my life.... actually, I think my character would do that too.

"Just saying if Bethseda or someone tried to sue me for copyright, I don't think people would be saying 'Those evil scientists writing Fallout fan-fiction', they'd be going. 'HOLY COW THEY INVENTED AN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE THAT CAN WRITE LITERATURE AND UNDERSTANDS WHAT SATIRE IS! CALL THE UNITED NATIONS! CALL MIT! THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW!'"

"Want some of the lamb stew?"

"No thanks, I'm good."

"Come on, it's delicious!"

"I'm sure it is, it smells delicious. But I made a promise not to eat babies."

"And... The cactus is now a bleedin' vegetable again. Brilliant."

"Almost late. You had about another minute before I'd have started killing people."


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