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Character needs to be a Kobolt, which means Runesmith won't work. (Plot reasons for being a Kobolt.)

Hmmmmm, Hadn't considered the Still Spell Idea.

Tell me, how may spells per day can an Incantatrix cast with an optimized spell craft check, with no reductions, assuming there using both persist and Still Spell frequently?

I think I was thinking of Geometer but I didn't realize the ability stopped working after like, 4th level spells and only if you took 5 levels of Geometer.

There's Legacy Champion or Uncanny Trickster for that (if you allow the permissive readings).

Regarding an Incantatrix, Metamagic Effect is normally what's used to Persist buffs and it's useable 3 + Int mod times per day. That varies by level, but it should be around 8 to 12 or so. The DC doesn't scale based on how many times you've used it that day already, so with a well optimized build you should get all 8 or more of them off.

Doesn't help as much for Still spell, since it targets "a persistent spell effect that is already in place." Meaning you'd have needed to cast it first. You could use Instant Metamagic for it (2/day at Itx 9) but that seems like a waste.

Originally Posted by Sephirothsword
Need to know for an NPC I'm building for the game I'm running IRL.
You're the DM? Make it up.

Geomancer (note: distinct from Geometer) does exactly that, but you need to have divine casting also to enter which makes it fairly bad (unless you're doing e.g. gestalt, I guess, or cheesing the entry with Alternative Source/Southern Magician/Rainbow Servant/whatever).

You can also reduce ASF to quite low levels. Mithral, Twilight, thistledown-padded etc all lower the ASF of armour. There are also several PrCs, such as Spellsword and War Mage (the latter being Dragonlance and maybe a bit 3rd party, though) which lower it.

There are some ways to convert spells to SLAs (Innate Spell feat, Archmage, Dragonblood Sorcerer) or even Su abilities (Dweomerkeeper) which would help, but probably not enough. Same with Sudden Still - it's only 1/day.

Automatic Still Spell does exactly what you want if you're Epic, but I guess you're not. I also can't remember if it was nerfed in Complete Arcane (I think only Auto Quicken was).

Mutants and Masterminds 3rd edition.

What is the maxium Modifier for a Skill (Modifier being Ranks + Ability Score.)? Double power level?

Originally Posted by Sephirothsword117 View Post
Mutants and Masterminds 3rd edition.

What is the maxium Modifier for a Skill (Modifier being Ranks + Ability Score.)? Double power level?
'Skill Modifier: Your hero’s total modifier with any skill (ability rank + skill rank + advantage modifiers) cannot exceed the series power level +10. This includes untrained skill modifiers using only ability rank, and so sets an effective limit on all abilities associated with skills.'


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