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WIS based warrior concept

WIS based warrior concept

So I have an idea for a character im thinking of making sometime, but need help on what direction to focus on. It started with idea of how high can I get WIS and is it possible to get WIS added to everything (Mabey more than once even).

So far I have Investigator with Archetype Spiritualist 4/ Warpriest Archetype Sacred Fist 1/ Inquisitor 3

Havent decided if I want to take archetype for inquisitor yet.

This base line allows me to add WIS to:
- AC untyped sacred fist bonus unarmored
- AC Insight bonus for 1 min many times per day
- Saves Insight bonus for 1 min many times per day
- Initiative
- To Hit/Dmg via guided weapon
I figure Id be able to get wis to at least 28 giving +9

Plus all the other nifty class features.

Options Ive thought about are;
- Grabbing a monk weapon and focus on FoB's with it OR some other focus like Sundering or Tripping
- Going full druid after and going for wild-shape and bite attacks with FoB's
- Getting companion and focusing on teamwork feats since I would be able to just stick with Inquisitor then.
- TWF w/monk weapon's
- Going psychic warrior or Vitalist after

Im leaning towards going druid cos Id get wildshape and companion but would only be 12th lvl druid by lvl 20... and would need to be level 12 to get Wildshape at all.

Can anyone come up with a more cohesive/collaborative path for this unarmored warrior? Are there certain items/feats/spells I might not know about that would have an impact on the choice?

What resources in terms of allowed materials is the proposed character working with? Paizo only, 3rd party Paizo, 3.5, homebrew?

One 3rd party Pathfinder tool that might prove useful is the feat Shape Veil and the Loyal Paladin's Spear of Light veil from Akashic Mysteries (DSP). This grants a spear of light with which you can replace your character's base attack bonus with character level.

It doesn't have any particular Wisdom synergy (other than making the prereq on the feat trivial to achieve), but I think it's a nice option to have when one is taking levels in a bunch of 3/4 BA classes (if you can't use fractional BA progression).

no 3rd party or homebrew, keeping it acceptable to most games.

SOOOO... decided on build. Was too split with build types before so I put idea of Unarmed strike warrior and natural attack fighter with companions and teamwork feats as 2 separate build plans on shelf for fute date.
What I decided to go with is.

QingQong Far Strike Monk 11/ Marksmen 9 WIS based using guided weaps (allowed)

- 72D8 Base flurry dmg Before adding any weapon properties, feats, or fixed dmg (2d8 Unarmed Strike, huge size=4d8, Strong jaw=8d8 Per hit, Its legal as far as I can see)
- Very high mobility as I can FoB with thrown weapons combined with full move speed and hustle psionic power
- FoB with Thrown Weaps = badass
- High Stealth ability
- Plus all the nifty class abilities

I could have added more classes cheese to add WIS to AC again*(Stacks with Monk ability to add WIS to AC) and all Saves via Spiritualist Archetype of Investigator. Being defensive abilities and this build is mobile range I decided to streamline it. If he seems underpowered and in need of a big defensive boost I could alter the build.

Question: If I use guided for WIS to replace STR on my weapons, can I also replace STR with WIS on feats and abilities that say "you can do xxxxxxxxxxxx before adding you STR modifier to your attack roll" etc. I know some specific wording on certain abilities means it HAS to be STR but Im curious how it works when they are only referring to STR as an assumption that's the stat the character is using...?

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