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Antimagic-focused combatant?

No. But it is only a 4th level spell, but it does has a 20' radius instead of only 10'.

No idea what the ECL would be but there is the awaken construct spell on page 63 of Savage Species, cast it on a runic guardian and you can have a construct with a bunch of runes to protect it including the various spell immunity and the like on it.

Originally Posted by Avaday Daydream View Post
Hmm...does Otiluke's Suppressing Field also work against supernatural abilities, though?
I don't think so. It reads as if it only affects spells and spell-like abilities, and it's just 4th level so I don't think it's meant to tangle with supernatural abilities. Also, it can be beat by a caster level check, so it's not as reliable as AMF.

But realistically, nothing short of a full caster can use the AMF effectively and efficiently. Grapplers and other martials will run into naturally-stronger foes and then they're out, and at the level that AMF comes online, that's pretty much expected. Other characters need to build particularly around the AMF, such that they lose a lot of their effectiveness when it is disjoined. A full caster has a lot more options, as I've discovered when my Cheater of Mystra lost his AMF. a creature with strong extraordinary defences and abilities, and have friends (Leadership cohort, Planar Binding, mount, etc) who can go toe-to-toe with big grapplers like the purple worm?

Definitely dragon or something similar. Which really, makes it rather amazing nobody has posted the obligatory OOTS link yet. I suppose I shall also refrain.

Otiluke's Suppressing Field is a rarely-used but pretty good spell (at least it ought to be - I don't think I've ever managed to use it for real, alongside two other similar favourites of mine, Dweomer Vortex and Dampen Magic). The nice thing there is that because it's selective about what it suppresses, yes, it's way narrower than AMF, but also it can be used in a way which doesn't harm you at all. If you're a specialist Wizard, for example, picking your opposition school gives you a pretty potent defence whilst not inhibiting your own abilities one jot.

It also has a much better mechanic than AMF because it's CL-based so it's not a hard counter... obviously this makes it weaker, but that's probably good thing for the balance of the game.

Otiluke's set to suppress abjuration also works for a strategy similar to AMF grappling, since it will suppress Freedom of Movement (as well as many other defences)... it's less reliable (even Heart of Water beats it, plus however many items and racial abilities) but it's something. Of course at that point, dispels and counterspells possibly work just as well.

Psst, leons - check the very second post...

I first became aware of O.S.F in my arena game. One of the players boosted his CL really high and when fighting other players would use it to shut down their favorite buff spells or offensive spells.

It could be a pretty fun spell for your BBEG to use against the PC's though. The BBEG has done his research and knows who is coming after him, so he has filled his lair with high CL spell traps of O.S.F. that randomly shut down their defenses.

Originally Posted by TheFred View Post
Psst, leons - check the very second post...

Doh! I think I even saw that when it was originally posted and just forgot it was in this thread. There are certain OOTS strips that pop up in various discussions and that is one of the more popular ones.

Since you're bringing that particular comic up again, I find myself wondering if it's actually possible to suppress a Forcecage with Antimagic Field.
Forcecage is stated to be like a Wall of Force in that it has the same resistances/immunities to dispelling, disintegration, etc, and Wall of Force is stated to be impervious to Antimagic Field in the latter's description, so...?

In any case, does anyone want to run a gestalt game with dragon hit dice?


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