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Antimagic-focused combatant?

I always found it weird that Anti-magic Field has those exceptions and even weirder that it says to look up the individual spell descriptions, none of which actually say anything about AMF except prismatic wall.

Originally Posted by Avaday Daydream View Post
In any case, does anyone want to run a gestalt game with dragon hit dice?
Epic Tales from the Tavern could probably accomodate you. We now let you put HD || LA on opposite sides. So you could have 15 dragon HD in one column, LA in another, and then a bunch of Sorcerer or Cleric or whatnot in the 3rd column.

Back in the 3.0 days, I played an ECL 20 half-fiend troll barbarian in a tabletop game where i needed to be able to make something high level (including gear) in about 5-10 minutes. Dumped my starting gold into stat tomes, an always-on AMF amulet, a big adamantine warhammer and a portable hole that I'd toss to party members for storing loot. It's very hard to die with regen and antimagic in a group setting.

edit: He was intended as a joke character, but he actually succeeded in completing the mission while everyone else got captured.

Doesn't seem that much of a joke, really. Extraordinary damage reduction (both half-fiend and barbarian), regeneration, fire and acid resistance, flight...without magical insta-kills, that's a looong fight in the making.

I think a total Level Adjustment of +9 might be totally justified for once, there...I think there might be a Conjuration spell that's Instantaneous duration that might be able to get through the antimagic field and do enough damage...uh, you could call up a black dragon to use acid breath...Complete Arcane has an Orb of Fire spell that I think could work. And I suppose you could catch the half-fiend troll in a net and throw them into lava. And that Strength score...I hope you realise adamantine only has 20 hardness.

Troll + half-dragon (red) + half-dragon (green) + Hulking Hurler 3 = win?

Once upon a time...there was a great alchemist, whose madness made him terrible to behold.
He looked upon the many beasts of the world, manticores and griffons, minotaurs and bulettes, krakens and ultimately, dragons. And in his pride, he knew anger, that these creatures should be blessed with natural gifts of brawn that could overcome his own genius.

So the mad alchemist hatched a plan; he would craft the ultimate elixir, one that would grant him a metamorphosis, to give him physical power to match any of those creatures.
And when his king ordered the alchemist banished from the realm, fearful of his mad ambitions, the alchemist set out on his own, to gather what ingredients he needed for his scheme.

His first leg of his great journey was to find the oldest troll, in the mountains. The troll could not be slain, for every bruise it took vanished and every cut sealed over, within seconds.
But the alchemist was cunning; he baited the elder troll with an enchanted drinking horn, filled with endless sweet wine; the troll was easily led into drinking itself numb, allowing the alchemist to sever the troll's arm and take its marrow as his prize.

His second leg was to find the greatest of red dragons; this great wyrm had ruled as tyrant over its own county for generations, living in a great palace and demanding tribute from terrified mortals, but now and again it flew away to well hidden caves, to mate with other dragons and sequester their eggs.
The alchemist was cunning; weaving illusion on top of illusion over himself, he pursued the great wyrm dragon when it flew, until he found one of its nests. And there, when no-one watched, he stole away a precious egg, replacing it with a transmuted replica, that the theft might not be discovered for months.

His third leg was to find another dragon, a green dragon whom had bent the forest and all creatures within to its will. This dragon was smaller, but wiser, and perceptive beyond comprehension, able to tell an intruder from a puff of wind on the other side of his domain.
But the alchemist was cunning; he donned the guise of a hero, dispelling the dragon's magicks and whispered words with a display of false kindness, and when the wyrm came for vengeance, he turned the trees and the grasses and the vines against the dragon, binding it tightly; the dragon's own liberated servants presented him with a great orb of jade, the dragon's finest treasure imbued with his own essence, as a reward.

With bone, egg, and crystal, the alchemist was then ready.
With the still bleeding bone of the elder troll, he brewed the greatest healing elixir, one that would last within him and forever after heal his wounds no matter how severe.
With the unhatched egg of the great wyrm red dragon, he brewed the greatest elixir of metamorphosis, to grant himself toughened scales, terrible fangs, batlike wings and mastery over fire, as though he were a demon.
With the jade essence of the mystical green dragon, he brewed the greatest elixir of enchantment, to augment his wings, grant him the strength of gods, and safeguard him against terrible elements.
And then he combined the elixirs, with a triskelion diagram with himself in the center, and the mad alchemist changed, into the most terrible, untouchable being ever witnessed, save for perhaps the Tarrasque.

What then did the mad alchemist turned monster do? Why, he went back to the kingdom that had banished him; using potent antimagic to safeguard himself from mortal curses that might undo him, he didn't stop until he had personally devoured every man, woman, child and housepet in the king's own city, ending with the old king and his son the crown prince.
When he was done, the fat monstrous troll-beast settled himself in the ruins of the castle keep, using a magical cornucopia of his own design to keep himself fed. It's said that centuries later, he still lazes there, even today.
And it is also said that, through methods best not contemplated, he has given birth to a host of progeny, terrible bat-winged scaled trolls with a small but potent fraction of his powers, whom he allows to roam and do as they wish.

...And that's where half-red-dragon-half-green-dragon-trolls come from...Although, red and green don't really mix, do they? You'd get black. Black trolls. Ebontrolls. Dark Trolls. Darkwing Trolls.

Good lord I need an upvote button right now so badly...

Might as well make them Bladerager Trolls from MMV. They have the same HD & LA, slightly better stats, immunity to mind-affecting, free full plate armor, and explode when killed.

Originally Posted by Ithamar View Post
when killed.

If I had access to MMV, I probably would've mentioned that as the base creature.

Also, I picture the half-red half-green troll as having both red and green scales, a crest like a green dragon, and horns like a red dragon. The scale patterns might be banded, perhaps spotted, or maybe alternating to make a sort of pseudo-camouflage pattern.

Like a cat, but meaner. For parentage, black/green dragons are interchangeable (acid immunity) if the mis-matched colors make you uncomfortable.

If you want something even meaner than the above troll, there's the tauric template if Savage Species is allowed...

If it's half red dragon and half green dragon, how much of it can be a troll?
I don't know the system much but got curious enough to keep checking in. Why not make one with all half-dragon types?


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