Paenish feat

Paens are odd in that they start within a society never of their own. They thus are allowed to take the feats from their other human bloodline, but NOT the feat that is granted in each. Also they have this feat.

Born of Flame
(Granted feat for Paenish humans)

Normal fire does not hurt the Paen as long as the Paen is ready for it, e.g. uses a standard action to sustain their flame readiness. Treat this as 10 stacking fire resistance. After each three rounds sustaining this, the Paen must spend a surge. If the Paen is unconscious this is always on. Magical flame is only resist 5.

Fire damage can count as subdual damage for a Paen. This means if they survive a combat, then after they spend a surge and 5 minutes has passed, they are healed for 1/2 of all fire damage done to them.

If a Paen is put down by fire damage, their death save is +3 and if they return to woozy they have +Con Mod THP.

Paens are vulnerable 2 cold.

Once per day as a standard action, a Paen can touch flame and heal their Con modifier in hits. As they do this they are resist 10 flame for that instant only.