The Menties System

The Menties system consists of 4 habitable worlds and one main asteroid belt.

Menties One is a heavy atmosphere world that is a mining world. Very low population due to the need to wear rebreathers outside and a full suit for any prolonged exposure. Most of the population lives in habitation domes near to the mining, and with a floating space platform for loading the minded goods and bringing in foodstuffs.

Menties Two is a warm grassland world known for high winds and long grasses. Most homes are low to the surface or just below ground and farming is the primary industry on the world. Some major cities exist, mostly along the coasts of the large seas or spread across the surface to gather and process the foods for export.

Menties Three is a chilly world and is the system capital. Most of the world is forested, with a small tropical band along the equator and half aquatic. Many large cities have grown up near to mineral deposits, and is the governmental center, while the small tropical band is the cultural nexus. Many large production centers exist both on the surface and in space around the world.

The asteroid belt is between Menties Three and Menties Four. It is mostly mined out but some minerals and gases remain. Some intrepid or foolhardy miners still comb the belt to stake their claims. Also, many small hab domes dot around the belt from a twenty-year-old culture fad of asteroid vacation and retirement homes. A perfect place for said miners or smugglers or pirates.

Menties Four is a gas giant with rings. Two large floating cities service the various mining and refineries around the world.