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Multiple posts not showing up.

Multiple posts not showing up.

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Message: I was editing a "Wildshape Catalog" I had created for my druid when I hit save changes and the whole thread up to a certain point went blank. She's vanished completely and I easily have 10-15 hours in creating her application. It looks like the code is all still there, it's just not coming up. The link is below.

Please advise. Thanks!


Incorrectly nested tags. I’m on mobile and can’t investigate, but check the most recently edited post for mixed up tables, spoilers, and private tags.

@Eric - thanks for the response. Can you give me more specifics? I can't access any of the controls so unable to access the most recent post. I can read the page code and see that all the info is there, just can't make any edits as even the function controls are inaccessible/blank.

@Rodrigo - you're my hero. Thank you!

The bottom of the page still looks wonky but the important bits are saved!

More incorrect nestling...
Wrapped the offending post in noparse tags, for the moment.

Found it; in the wildshape statblocks, below the {hr}{/hr}, there was a {center} tag extending beyond the table's cell - in each of the four tables.


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