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The Black Fist

Physical DescriptionAlmárean's hair is a sickly silver-white and is naturally wavy. His hair was long, falling down past his shoulders and often in some sort of fashion. Though he usually left the front down though so that his bangs would frame his face nicely when in seen and always made sure his proud elven ears were on display. Almárean's facial features we unnaturally striking, a natural blend of feminine beauty and masculine handsomeness. His skin was pale and unblemished and his eyes a ghostly silver. Almárean has a lithe frame with distinct muscle definition, as if chiseled from marble.
PersonalityAlmárean is a perfectionist, through and through. He labors hard to be considered one of the best in everything he dabbles in... and he dabbles in a lot, making him rather haughty yet surprisingly charming individual. He holds himself as if he was of higher station than those around him despite not being apart of Kantrian nobility in any fashion and in fact, often employed at their behest. And to keep it so he is always professional, following requests to the letter. When left to his own prerogative however, one could easily glean a sadistic bent in the man... a savagery just beneath the surface... that could be loosed at a moments notice.
VitalsName: Almárean Mornenion
Gender: Male Age: ??
Height: 5'10 ft Weight: 125 lbs
Race: Elfblood Religion: ???
Class: Unchained Monk | Magus
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Role: Tank, Melee DPS, Stealth
Traits & DrawbacksMagical Knack: "The arcane has always called to me."
Magical Lineage: "But I'm no sorcerer, I wasn't born to it."
Loner: "Alone, I trained my mind and body."
You get a +1 to Bluff, Perception and Stealth. Bluff, Perception and Stealth are always class skills for you. The ability to claim authority you don't have, pay fine attention to detail and avoid the notice of others are essential skills for every troubleshooter.
Troubleshooter: "To better do, what others could not."

BackgroundThe Black Fist is an upscale troubleshooter that is difficult to hire. He is well worth the cost however and his reputation often presides him when rumors of him are about.

1. Even counting your drawback, that's 1 too many traits because one of your traits has to be your campaign trait.

2. You did not ask about Loner and Precocious spellcaster. which are not from the core books. That said, both of them are allowed, but you do need to ask when they're from a 3rd party or a Pathfinder Player Companion or a Pathfinder Campaign Setting book, rather than an 'Advanced' or 'Ultimate', etc, book from the core Line (with the exception of Ultimate Wildnerness, which is also case-by-case.

Oh sorry about not asking. I thought they were in the normal books. Hmm... probably will drop axe to grind for one of he campaign ones. heh heh. It fit his personality though. But so does troubleshooter.

Protip: Look at the bottom of the page on the d20pfsrd. It'll tell you what book it's from. It'll say something like this (copied form the Loner page)

Section 15: Copyright Notice
Pathfinder Player Companion: Quests & Campaigns © 2013, Paizo Publishing, LLC; Authors: Amanda Hamon and David N. Ross.

I'm still in the running ya'll. Just got to solidify my background and come up with some nifty quotes now...

Just so no one wonders - Divinity has included a sheet link in private tags, for reasons discussed beforehand. So his application isn't missing that part.

I'm probably missing something, and I'm in a rush, so I can't check the PFSRD - where are your two bonus feats coming from?

Monk class levels

Originally Posted by Divinity View Post
Monk class levels
That's what I assumed. Thanks.

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