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Quick questions and answers

I don't think that applies - if you want, you can simply consider it not to be a part of spells themselves, but a feature of the classes. Consider that, equivalently, you don't get bonus spell slots for a high ability score with SLAs (obviously; that doesn't even make sense), etc.

I've recently seen a build for gun chemist that included it, so I'll assume that it can apply to firearms too...

It helps to, you know, read the feat.
"When making a full-attack action with a bow, your first attack fires two arrows. If the attack hits, both arrows hit. Apply precision-based damage (such as sneak attack) and critical hit damage only once for this attack. Damage bonuses from using a composite bow with a high Strength bonus apply to each arrow, as do other damage bonuses, such as a ranger’s favored enemy bonus. Damage reduction and resistances apply separately to each arrow."

The first sentence is particularly helpful: "When making a full-attack action with a bow, your first attack fires two arrows."

So no, firearms are not allowed. An individual DM may houserule it, and I don't know whether there is some archetype or whatever with some special ability which allows or mimics it, but otherwise bows are bows and that's all you're allowed to use.

Mongoose Traveller 2e

In the Central Supply Catalog (pg19) it list a table called "electronics suite" but says nothing about it and no prices. Is that what all armors should have? What they do, in fact, have? Or perhaps the writers saying "hey, these seem like good purchases at this TL."?


Forbiddance: "Forbiddance seals an area against all planar travel into or within it."
For large scale structures like buildings / vehicles, can I leave a room that isn't inside the barrier area but is surrounded by the barrier (bubble) and this becomes the location I can pop back to via word of recall or my allies with tp can get to?

Or is any location 'wrapped' inside of a forbiddance effect also 'effectively' warded?

ex: [] = 60ft cubes of Forbiddance Effect ; X = internal area without forbiddence active.



Pathfinder - Create Demiplane

If You create a demiplane and permanancy the space, can you then upgrade that space with additional features with subsequent castings? Or do you have to have all your features down before doing a perm?

Also I assume if you have the 2x time flow on your demiplane that this doesn't count against the duration correct? The duration is on the plane it was first casted in correct?

...You cant inception demiplanes with 2x time flow correct? ex: Create demiplane 1 from material plane. Give it 2x speed. Create another demiplane on that demiplane with 2x speed. Lather rinse repeat until you finally get a 32x multiplier 5 planes in then link that plane to the material plane via a gate application, have it permanenced and use it as a crafting dimension.


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