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Mynd's Eye - A Homebrew Game

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Mynd's Eye - A Homebrew Game

Mynd's Eye - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e

This is a homebrew game. It involves my homebrew, your homebrew, and that homebrew you found in that never before looked at part of the web.
I will accept all homebrew, save the obviously broken.
This game will be mainly composed of homebrew, though normal WotC stuff can still be used.
GM/DM: Me, myself, and (possibly) I
Books Allowed: All. As long as you specify where the things came from. In rare cases, I will disallow things.

Description: (3-5 sentences minimum)
Background: (Optional, will raise your chances of being accepted)
Personality: (3-5 sentences minimum)
Homebrew: (Optional, contributing homebrew will raise your chances of being accepted)
Stat Generation: 7m4d6v1 or 36 point buy. If you choose dice, you take the best 6 of the 7 rolls. You may only switch to 36 point if your bonuses are less than +4, or none are higher than 13. I will not accept rolls made in this thread.
Level: 1
Hp: Max
Gold: 100
Traits: Up to two
Flaws: Up to one

Special Rules will be found in the game thread. Please conduct rolls in the game thread.
Roll/Role play will be about 50/50. I'm looking for people who can post at least 1/two days, but don't expect me to post more than 1/day. Because that's my posting rate.
I do not require a sheet; you do not need to make one until you've been accepted.

And pay no attention to the members requested. I'll take almost any and all applicants.

With your post, put in whether you'd like to adventure as a party with the others, or adventure alone, meeting with the others when you bump into them.

No doubt there will be something I missed

Homebrew Accepted:
Feral Warrior
Voodoo Doctor
Savage Species (Case-by-case; show me your progression)
Sublime Ranger
Akela's Class Variation
Forever Young
Blue Mage
Psionic Alienist
Gemini Dancer

Homebrew Declined:
Hammer Swinger
Paradox Mage
Entropy Champion
Lesser Wrathful
Aberration Blooded
Intelligent Spiked Gauntlets

Accepted Applicants:

Game Description:

A world where anything can happen. This fledgling world is not like those other worlds. It toes the line, steps over it, and does a damn pole vault over it too. Welcome, the land of homebrew awaits.

A mind wasted is a terrible thing - Mindflayer Proverb

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Just finished the first character. App was posted on the forth at 9:28 PM.
Looking to travel in a group.

Whoops, seems my post was eaten somehow or other. Lets try this again.

Name: Nathan Sapphiros
Class: Blue Mage
Race: Gnome

Before you stands a gnome of middleing height, wearing the attire of a scholar, save that you are unsure as to how he was able to afford enough dye to make all of his clothes blue, of all colors. The shade of his cloak, belt, and hat are a dark blue, like that of a deep lake, while his robe is of a lighter hue. He takes off his hat and you see that he sports a small beard on his chin of a slightly lighter shade then the dark brown hair on his head. He looks up at you and introduces himself, "The name's Nathan, and I'm hear to talk about that job of yours."

Nathan is, in most cases, a outwardly cheerful and amiable person. However, he has no compunction against 'stretching' the truth, and is well versed in the art of telling untruths.Nathan has little love for bandits, pirates, and other organised outlaw types, such as raiders and slavers, due to the apparent slaughter of his friends and family at the age of thirty four to a group that he later found to be named the 'Bloody Blades'. Nathan has since resolved himself to, once he attains the ability, slay each and every one of its members, but that day seems ever further with each that passes.

(unfortunately, the long paragraph I had before was lost. Apparently, I didn't update the character sheet with the history either. C'est la vie, I suppose.)

Nathan grow up in a small traveling caravan with his family. All was well, Nathan was developing a talent for arcane manipulation, everyone was healthy, etc etc. One day, while he was out practicing with his spells away form the caravan, the caravan came under attack by the Bloody Blades, a groups of slavers and bandits who were known for raiding groups that are not travelling in large enough numbers, or very small villages. When Nathan returned and saw the survivers of the assualt, mainly the very young and the very old, who were in good enough condition to be marketable were being shackled and taken away. Nathan barely escaped that fate, hiding until dark, when he managed to sneak away. Since then, Nathan has devoted himself to the study of his arcane powers, in hope that one day he would be able to go back and break the slavers who destroyed his family. Nathan has no knowledge of what fate befell his family, and rarely dares hope that any of them could still live.

@Vaunrut- come on in

@kirby- Yes, you too

Is anyone out there who wants in?
Speak up; I'm closing this thread two days from now, otherwise.


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