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Newcomers, don't be shy, come and introduce yourself! Our members will be delighted to bring you into the fold.

Hello there!

Hello there!

Hi, hi! I was going to post up in this introduction thread... eventually. >_> Okay, maybe I wasn't planning on doing it, but apparently, you can't link URLs until you have at least 5 posts on your account. I can't really sign up for a lot of games if I can't link to my character sheet, so... this will be one of those five posts.

Anyhow, these introduction threads always seem really forced and remind me of AA meetings. "Hi, my name is Cornelius and I have an drinking problem," "Hi, Cornelius" type deal. Also: no one ever reads or replies to these stupid things. So whatever, let's just cut straight to the point: I've recently found played an adventure in DnD 3.5e and I loved it. I've free form roleplayed in the past, but had to quit due to no one being able to keep up with me (in post size and quality). So, I pretty much stopped. But now I found out about DnD and I'm here...

Name's Wraith. Nice to meetcha. Now where can I get another three posts?

Hi Wraith! Glad to meet you too!

What I would suggest is going down to the advertisement threads. Find a game that seems interesting to you, and express interest in it. Ask some questions, bounce around character concepts with your potential DM/GM/Whatever they call themselves. That should net you some posts fairly quickly.

Anyhow, welcome to Mythweavers!

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