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Newcomers, don't be shy, come and introduce yourself! Our members will be delighted to bring you into the fold.



Hello everyone, just found this website while perusing Reddit and figured I would give it a shot since I've been wanting to play a PbP game!


Hey there, @Sanepsycho! Welcome, oh dear definition of the classic oxymoron that IS Myth-Weavers!

We actually have some great resources if you wanted to take a look - or there's always diving right in!

First, we have the wonderful MWWiki page on bbCode. Yes, you too can make nifty things!

Secondly, the ever wonderful New to Play-by-Post section where tips, hints and generally good advice are given!

Third, do visit the Dice Roller Help. It does tend to be important to roll dice in a majority of RPGs.

Lastly, to visit us, chat live, and enjoy the general silliness and Colin's Beard, come on over to the Myth-Weaver's Discord.

Hello, Welcome, and Well Met! There are plenty of games to choose from in the Games and Ads section. Any particular system or setting you enjoy?

PS: If you see a Blue named user named Colin make sure to comment on his facial hair.

Welcome Sanepsycho! Look around, have fun, etc!

Amy, Zan, I hate you both.

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