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Using external tools after advert has been posted

Using external tools after advert has been posted

I asked a mod about this a couple of weeks ago but didn't entirely get a clear response, so I figured it might be worth clarifying what I was asking.

Let's say you're the GM of a game that needs combat maps and you planned to post them in the forum as images. After the first combat, you and the players agree that the inline method is a bit unwieldy and would prefer to use Roll20 for maps instead. Or maybe after a couple of months of gaming you and the players decide you want to use Discord as a secondary OOC chat for planning, quick questions, and other things of that nature that don't need to be recorded for posterity.

Now, if you'd decided to use Roll20/Discord/whatever from the beginning and had noted this in the advert then (I believe) that would be fine, as per the not-so-recent-any-more change to the site rules. However, if you want to start using an external tool after your game has finished recruiting and you didn't mention it in the ad...then what? Are you just stuck with whatever you originally advertised for? Are you allowed to ask a mod for permission to change what external tools you're using? Are you allowed to just go ahead and make the change? (I assume probably not the latter one.)

I don't see what the problem is. As long as you're using M-W in some capacity you're within the site rules. If everyone agrees to it where's the issue?

@Llyarden Raveled is correct. As long as the site is still being used for something, even just sheets, you are still within rules.

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