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I hope it's not too late to reply, but it would probably come down to who has the best supply lines and messengers. Neither bull headed tenacity nor underhanded tactics can beat starvation and exhaustion. The drow would have an edge in cutting off dwarven supply chains with hit and run tactics that dwarves aren't really known for, but the dwarves have something the drow don't; allies. If the dwarves can get word out and get backup or supplies from a third party, they will win. If the drow disrupt that successfully, the drow will win.

Another factor to consider is that dwarves will be able to sustain much higher losses than the drow. An army of entirely women works fine when you're largely immortal, but if huge numbers of drow women are dying, they will have to withdraw much sooner. Male drow soldiers also have a much better reason to desert than any dwarf soldier. This is, of course, assuming you're sticking with traditional drow gender dynamics.

Psychological warfare would get pretty interesting. The drow have a massive head start on wartime atrocities, given that they're drow, but it's more likely that that would spur the dwarves to go to greater lengths for revenge than demoralize them.

The main front of the war is also a factor. Dwarves put a lot of stock into their cities so it will be much harder to besiege a dwarf city than a drow city. Of course, if the dwarves lay siege, then the drow have a whole lot of very capable sneaky sorts to disrupt supply lines. Fighting away from either city would put them on roughly equal footing in that regard.

Basically, the drow could reasonably win with a blitz style initial attack, overrunning the dwarves before they have time to regroup. If the dwarves can regroup and plan, their fighting and military tactics are much better for drawn-out conflicts.

All this is assuming the drow are the initial aggressors. If the dwarves attack first, I have no idea.

If the dwarves are the aggressors, collapsing Menzo-B City even partly would go a fair way towards crippling the Drow. Take out one or two great houses by dropping rocks on them, march in while the others are squabbling over the power vacuum.

If the drow are the aggressors, they would rely on hit-and-run like UnderOriginal said. Dwarves tend to be notorious for building and keeping fortifications, but the drow are pretty good at exploiting weaknesses.

Really, it depends on the GM. How do you want the war to be going? If it was me, I'd have the dwarves (the good guys) receive an initial near-crippling strike to their leadership. The PC's get brought in to help retaliate and turn the tide.


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