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Autosave, please.

Autosave, please.

WHY does this site not have an autosave, or even a manual save? I just lost the article I was typing to a single misclick, and I want the last FOUR HOURS of my life back.

Have you tried going back on your browser, I've noticed that if you go advanced to a full editor and accidentally click off. Going back reopens the page with all your text saved. Also you can submit a post then go back and edit it. I don't think anyone going to bug you about edited posts especially if it's an article and not a post for a game or something

Now in the future perhaps consider using something with autosave like Google Docs or a word processor before posting something on this site. Unless the article has special formatting I don't see why you can just write on that and have it save there then post it on here. I mean if you're spending at least four hours on something at least write on something that saves your work.

Besides I don't think this type of database supports Autosave (please correct me if I'm wrong Admins) and it would be too difficult for the site mods to move everything to a new database with auto save (trust me it's a headache)

try the history, it should bring back the tabs you closed as long as you don't close the the browser program (most likely too late by now) I think it's keep a temporary copy until you close it on your system.

I feel your pain. I've lost many a post to browser issues and it stings, badly, every time.

There is an Autosave feature, but it's hit or miss and it may be limited to Community Supporters at this point since I believe it is still in beta.

Failing that, I'd recommend a browser add-in like Lazarus which will serve the same purpose (it works very well). Again, sorry to hear you lost the post, that hurts.

I remember this being a painful thing to go through.

After a couple of times I started writing all of my important posts in a text editor instead. Haven't lost a single one since. Highly recommend it.

I'd have suspected that autosave is less of a database thing and more of an infrastructure thing. When you type something into your browser, it's all local - nothing is being sent to the server at all. You'd need a webpage which periodically pinged stuff out as well as somewhere to store it (and keep track of everything), or for it to be stored locally in the browser. I've no idea how hard such a thing is to implement.

One thing I have noticed though is that if you leave a page open for a long time, you can't post a reply (The old "Your submission could not be processed because you have logged in since the previous page was loaded"). Worse, it eats any reply to do try to post, and going back leaves you with an empty post box. However, the reply isn't lost - you can actually find it in the page source for the "couldn't post", it's just not visible.

I strongly recommend Typio if you have Chrome. I don't know about FireFox.

I added something similar when I had the same problem years ago, though what I used to use is discontinued and abandoned. Typio works just as well, though.

Edit: I am an idiot. I should have tried searching for more specific terms first. That way I'd find a useful answer. Also, going through the Firefox Tools menu and expecting to find anything other than the most extremely popular addons is an exercise in futility.

Text Area Cache is the choice I have used before on Firefox and it's still around.

I haven't used Form History Control but it seems to be more popular than TAC.

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