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OOC Discusion for Burnt Offerings

Chatahee misses the shaman when she gets to her feet, so she might be able to get to her feet. It's not likely though since she's surrounded by enemies now. Just read the last post and yeah, she didn't make it.

The three goblins in the current manifestation of the tactical battle map are alive and kicking? There's no mention of them in the last IC post.

Ohhh... lol... that's because I'm preparing the set for the next encounter which didn't happen yet.
I'm trying to leave you guys time to talk to each other, heal and maybe apologize to those you were rude to.

Guys, you may advance your characters to tier 1.1
See this thread for the advancement rules
I prefer to see your character advancement chart, like the one Skarbrand did for Aggezar on the thread above. You can place it in the thread like Skarbrand did, on your character sheet or on your Character thread.
Siegfried, make sure you complete the prepared spells list on your character sheet.

Let me know when you are done, although we are going to continue soon even if you are not done...

Sorry I've missed a post or two, I'm traveling for business, and got stuck in the storm in NY. I should be back to normal for the time being.

I updated the map with Parice's new position. Not clear what behind Jack means in this instance since none of the icons has a front or back facing.

Oh yeah, sory about that, I completely forgot I had to do that. I just sorta assumed Jack is faced towards the enemy.

Not a problem, just wanted it clear so I could see if anyone was blocking Chatahee's polearm.

I'm confused. I made the post I made because the combat tracker sheet showed everything as being dead. Then Zeno went and attacked something. What am I missing?


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