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OOC Discusion for Burnt Offerings

Chatahee has put the witchdoctor down. I doubt she's getting up again since it's +4 to hit prones and they don't get a dex bonus to armour class. Chatahee's AOO missed.. he rolled a 3

Strangely enough I also remembered you get a +4 to attack rolls vs. a prone creature (although I didn't think it loses DEX), but the PF-SRD doesn't mention any of that. According to the SRD when a creature is prone, it has -4 to AC vs. Melee attacks, but it doesn't lose its dex bonus and you don't get a +4 to hit if you attack it.
I'm not at home so I can't run a book check. If one of you wants to check the books that would be great, otherwise we will go with what the PFSRD says and that means Chatahee misses because he doesn't get a +4, and 13 is not high enough.

I'm sure you (Starhawk) noticed there was another small bug with the tracksheet: when you set the opponent with prone condition it failed to recalculate its AC with a -4 vs. melee attacks. but I fixed it now and she has a -4 to her AC.

+4 to hit I think equals -4 to AC. I thought it lost Dex, but maybe that's 3.5 Don't see how being on your face allows you a dex bonus, but what's good for the witchdoctor is also good for us.

Pretty sure I missed with the AOO, if it lives long enough to matter. I rolled the AOO to keep things moving fast, but I'm not expecting it to be alive again to stand up. So it's just there as a conditional attack, not an attack that's certain to happen.

The way I'm rolling, I'll be using CMB Trip as my main attack, because I can't hit anything with an armour class above 12.

Well I'll be damned, I've always played with prone equalling flat-footed, but now that I think about it it might be a bit extreme to have both -4 to your AC and lose your DEX.

I guess you lose your DEX when something prevents you from moving freely. Even when you're on the floor you can still roll from side to side and try to dodge away from blows.

Starhawk - you didn't move Chatahee's token on the combat map. I'm sure he doesn't have that long a reach... even with his legendary fauchard...lol

LOL.. I started posting on the subway on my phone which, no matter what I do, will not allow me to manipulate maps. It's about as intuitive as brick. I can't get Google Drive until I log onto Google Play, but it won't let me change my Gmail account. Dumb, dumb.. dumb. Why can't they just have a Log In button somewhere.

lol ok... move him when you can.
And, a new player, Syscam, will be taking over Jackson Ratarion soon, so you will have your rogue back



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