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OOC Discusion for Burnt Offerings

Originally Posted by Ariel_Shatil View Post
Of course, I will not stop anyone from playing his favorite monkey-man-monk-druid-wizard-priest, but to be honest, I would prefer avoiding exotic races and classes, as well as multi-classing and in some cases even prestige-classes. Although I see the charm as a player (I do play a fighter/barbarian/cavalier on another game here) as a GM I like it simple...
Understood. The ulfen magus would fit the bill the best, then. I have no true preference, as I expect to enjoy each of them equally, so I'll stick with the GM's preferences.

Simpler characters I can understand and play with beyond the normal - I can give the oracle "real" visions, grant the druid messages in the wind. With druid-wizard-priest I just lose my patience.
As for races, I don't see how Asian/African/American type races (e.g. vanara, cat-folk, tengo, Ifreet etc.) fit well in this campaign. I would always prefer the simple human/elf/dwarf, but I'm also Ok with pure D&D races (aasimar, tiefling) and classical/medieval euro-type races (goblin, kobold, undine, sylph, damphir etc.) as well because they can fit the setting of Varisia.
I'll stick with the ulfen magus in any case. But, it's interesting... I get a rather mixed cultural feeling from descriptions of Varisians and Varisia, but primarily they seem influenced by the real world's Romani (Gypsies), who are Indian (South Asian) in origin and migrated to Europe a while ago. Some Varisians are depicted more Indian while others appear more white, so I could see Varisians going either or both ways. Also, Ameiko and her family are from Tian Xia (and seem Japanese in particular to me)... hence my monk/wizard's backstory link with them.

I agree with CF that what you need is someone who would be interested in all the Thassilonian and Runelord stuff since you already lost Zeno and about to lose Awar. If it is a pure arcane caster, a bard or fighter Lore Warden, in my opinion is less important.
I'll try to think about a way to alter my magus to fit Thassilon better. Not sure how yet. Maybe she's traversed Varisia and come across a few ruins, which somehow make them a particular point of interest to her... I'll mull it over.

As for a fifth player, I don't mind bringing in a new player. If any of you would like to find one or has a friend who wishes to join, I'm OK with that, but I don't have time to look for one myself.
Hmmm. Can't think of anyone offhand.

Originally Posted by Ariel_Shatil View Post
"Enough! Silence! You be not speaking more! You make lies! Many lies! Fake-lies! Rippnuget stable and genius makes big theater! I kill evil harpy that eats poor goblins! I be making Thistletop great again!!"
I see what you did there, and appreciate it.

The nation of Varisia is varied in it's people. The native people are either Varisan (the gypsy analog), or Shoanti (A tribal people somewhere between Native Americans and Gauls). The bulk of the main population, however, were immigrants from Cheliax (the more 'standard' Western Europeans) during it's imperial hold on the area.

As for a fifth player, I don't mind bringing in a new player. If any of you would like to find one or has a friend who wishes to join, I'm OK with that, but I don't have time to look for one myself.
I will talk to some people I know and see if there is interest.

They get to roll a save for the bane right?
Whats the DC?

Make sure you have your prepared AoOs on the dice rolls thread updated to your current level.


OK. Don't forget to add their bonus for will saves vs. fear. Its listed on the comments tab on their tracksheet, but you have to add it to their roll yourself (its not calculated automatically).

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