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OOC Discusion for Burnt Offerings

Zeno / RCI suggest we don't make the calling of spirits every morning a role-play thing of more than one post. While in towns and cities you can be sure to find the kind of spirit you are looking for, so spending one post every now and then or every morning describing the seance is enough. In cases where you spend the night in nature, dungeon or somewhere that really limits the types of spirits you might find, remind me, and I will let you know what are your options.
That said, it will be nice if you add to your post (and maybe write it down on your CS) the name of the spirit (like you did with Lady Carcelle) and three of her most noticeable personality traits (e.g. over-protective, wrathful, kind etc.). These traits (along with the traits of the spirit type) should come into play significantly if the spirit takes over. I think that if you stay in the same place, you can call the same spirits over and over again without "inventing" new ones (e.g. tomorrow you can go to the town hall and call Lady Carcelle, even though you didn't "use" her today), and this way you might develop a personal relationship with a group of spirits who might even eventually follow you around to unlikely places (e.g. after you called Sir Bergolad 10 times or more at the local Barracks, he becomes attached to you, and you suddenly find you can call him when you are deep in the sewers of Korvosa.

Perfect, thank you for the clarification on how we can do these kinds of things, I definitely like your ruling! I only drew this one out because we're waiting for the new player, it certainly won't be a recurring theme!

I wish to welcome our two newest players - Kartari and Crazifuzzy.
Kartari's character (Awarthennen or something very similar) is still locked in a box, and when he gets out he will need to rest at the Rusty dragon until the evening. He will join you and you will get to meet him at dinner tonight.

Crazifuzzy's character (Lurr) has some duties to perform in the cathedral and you will meet her tonight at dinner as well.

Considering just pushing the wagon into town before opening it. Would allow Chatahee to do his Conan thing and feed his fan club's insatiable desire for more news of their hero.

Thank you, Ariel, for the welcome. And for inviting me to your game. I've been looking forward to it.

I was considering pretending to be a mimic for kicks. But then I thought, no, not a good idea to get killed before I even get out of the box. Lol.

As for Chatahee's plan, I will let Awarthannen complain IC. Lol.

Since there aren't any full elves in the group who would likely use his full name, if you prefer to call him Artie or Art for short, by all means. Awarthannen might not like it, but... oh well.

Welcome gang! Happy to have you.

Also, I edited my last post, including my next move, buying a spell pouch. If you want to rp that that's cool, but if not you could just move me to the inn whenever you deem appropriate, since that's where Zeno's returning afterward. I don't want to stall things anymore than I already have this morning ;p

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