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OOC Discusion for Burnt Offerings

Originally Posted by kartari View Post
Just checking in. I've been particularly busy lately, but I still intend to finish my new character's back story.
Actually, since we are all so busy, it is a good idea if we all check in once a week or so just to say that we are still around.

I really want to move forward with the adventure, especially since in this chapter (ghosts from the past) I bring in my own stuff and not the just the original Paizo material, but there is just this article whose deadline is coming very soon and I have to sit and write every night... Soon I hope it will be finished and I'll be more available for the fun stuff in life...

ive been busy moving but im still here and interested.

I'm still alive, too. Sounds intriguing, Ariel, looking forward to it!

My main issue is work, which has been exceptionally busy for months now. I also finally re-started up a Carrion Crown campaign a few weeks ago. I'm one of three original players still left in a 5+ year old game. I tried to find a replacement GM last fall, but nobody took us up. So I gave up and volunteered myself, rather than let a great game die. I put it off for months, but finally started.

I'm still here.

Happy 4th for those of you in US, and happy late Canada day if that's you.


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