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DM posting a request for assistance with my game Indal Runaround.

Long story short, I need help with what to do with the current characters.

If anyone needs to know anything else to be able to help, ask here, or PM me and I'll get back to you. I really don't want my first game on here to just wither and die.

You need to supply more information than that. And your background link isn't an actual game program; it's city details. There's nothing in that link that suggests a story direction or plot base. It appears the only way to get a clue of what's going in the game is to start from the very first thread and read forward, which is going to take a lot of excessive time. Not to mention reading threads in that manner, you may miss important details simply because of the vast amounts of text you are absorbing.

Give us a summary of what has happened in game so far, who the characters are, what is compelling them, etc.

Originally Posted by Cleokatrah
There's nothing in that link that suggests a story direction or plot base.
Okay, well as mentioned:
Originally Posted by MAdgryphon View Post
I typically run a campaign by using little plots, and waiting to see if a larger plot appears to be forming out of the smaller things, but I'm having a hard time coming up with things that the characters will actually pursue.
So, there's not a story direction or real plot base. The way this works is I throw out plots to see what catches on. And unfortunately most of these complicating factors happened so near to the beginning of the campaign, very little got off the ground. So, what we have left are two characters: Kali and Vahan. Both work for pay for inns in Indal, providing crowd control, especially during bardic performances, and sometimes working for a little extra for the bards providing a little emotional boost for their performances. they just started working at a new tavern/inn called the Scarlet Wolf. The Scarlet Wolf is owned and operated by an ex-devil named Erisus. Kali is a youngish, somewhat naive, secretive changeling, who's only real personal contact or real relationship is Vahan, who is a generally very untrusting, somewhat shallow warlock who specializes in social interactions, and is something of a diplomat.

What else do you (guys) need to know?

Yeah, I read that part about the sandbox type game. I also saw threads in the archive and the current thread is multi paged. So... absolutely nothing has happened or built up in game?

So you have two players with no real game background doing run of the mill city work and you don't know what conflict to introduce?

Throw the city under attack?

Too drastic? Introduce two club goers that look exactly like the players. What/who they are is up to you.

The Epic of Coursh: The Heroes

Hi folks,

I've got a fun game that I need help with.

As a little back story- this game started back in 2009- where character submissions were very strict. From the original game ad this is a general idea what all players had to submit:

500-1000 word back story of the character
3000-5000 word writing sample
3-5 Goals
2-4 Allies

The allies appear in adventuring, and joining the heroes (now a group of 6) I usually do 2 allies or so each time they appear- rotating which allies are in, and what is appropriate. Usually the main PC creates the ally and controls it as well, but that can change too.

Get_in_my_Belly- the original DM had to bow out due to real life constraints. I took over as DMPC full time for a bit before some real life stuff- then Hammerfist and I switched off GMing as DMPCs for a bit before I took over full time (again).

We've had a few player replacements, with healthy amounts of role play and surprises. I even started a villains thread every once in a while as so we can learn more about our villains as people- and help the DM (Me) understand the villain motivation more.

I have some notes on some direction on where I planned the campaign to go, where the story can tie-in, and a world map.

We've also been using ditzie and a combat sheet, courtesy of Silverkiss, to keep track of combat stats.

The challenges so far:

1) I'm doing DMPC, which while all those who play the game are comfortable with (I haven't heard any complaints) I'd like to be just a PC.

That being said, if there are no takers for a full on rescue-here are some options

1)Take over some of my NPCs- specifically my own character's allies- and possibly more, if other players prefer.

2) Take on the combat parts- create encounters, challenges, and unique monsters for us to fight.

If you're willing to do both- that'd be great too.

If you have any interest at all in doing a full on takeover, or assisting in the partial pieces in any way, shape, or form, I'd love to hear from you.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments!


I could help you with creating encounters and challenges if it was 3.5 D&D, but I'm not familiar with 4th edition.

That said, if any 3.0/3.5 DMs need someone to hand them an encounter to run, I can do that. I love designing encounters, but the slow pace of PbP means that I seldom get a chance to put them into play in my own games. For example, I've been running my multiparty game for over a year now, and the most "aggressive" group has gotten through a grand total of three combats plus two environmental encounters.

That's no problem- if anyone wants to play multiple different characters it's basically just another player- but you won't have one you'll stick with, great for players who want to try different builds :P

I've rescued a few games over the years, and I can say it has been very rewarding. I encourage others to do so. You will enjoy it, and a lot of the work has already been done for you.

At the moment, I am on light duty, as my gaming time is going into preparation for my next PbP game, but once my setting is fleshed out I may come in here and offer my services again.

Hey, requesting a sort of half rescue. Tales of a Mercenary is a game I run on here. Trouble is, I had an assistant GM who kind of vanished and I need a second GM to help out so's I don't burnout on the entire thing.

Any takers?

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