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Hey everyone! I'm brand new to these boards, though not to PbP games. I currently play a lot on the Paizo boards but I've been looking to expand my horizons past Pathfinder and Starfinder.

Welcome aboard! We definitely have a lot more variety here in game systems. Some you will have heard of, others will send you down a rabbit hole trying to figure out what they are about. The games which are recruiting currently can be found here, with a handy dandy index of game systems on the left side. Games are constantly being started, so if you don't get into something right away, don't panic.

Being familiar with PBP, I'll not go into the differences from tabletop games. You already know the benefits and pitfalls.

That said, get out there, find topics you know about to discuss, find topics you don't know about to inquire into, delve into new systems you have never heard of, and generally have fun.

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