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Character Building Guidelines

Character Building Guidelines

This is the spot for new guidelines on creating and advancing characters in the realm folded tavern.
Don't ask questions or post comments in this thread, ask them in the 'questions thread'.

Basic Character Generation

How to applyWhen you apply with a new character:
  • Create a new character sheet on the Myth-Weavers site
  • Create a character thread in the Pending folder (make a separate thread for each character, and link to the character sheet in the thread)
  • Make sure you are listed as a player on the Realm Folded Tavern game page.
  • There is no limit to the number of characters you may create, but be reasonable.
Basic Character Generation
  • Gestalt Characters.
  • You can only progress through one prestige class at a time, as per normal Gestalt rules.
  • Fractional BAB and saves (please review your character sheets to reflect this).
  • 32 Point Buy (all abilities must be bought at 8 or higher)
  • Up to 2 traits.
  • Up to 2 flaws (1 extra feat per each flaw).
  • Starting level 1 through 3.
  • Max Health (Hit Points) Per Level.
  • There will be no multi-class penalties to experience points.
  • Once a class skill, always a class skill.
  • Class skills for each class should be clearly noted on your character sheet.
  • Permanent Intelligence increases do retroactively improve skill points.
  • Permanent Constitution increases do retroactively improve hit points.
  • Your effective level for a class feature (
    for an animal companion
    e.g.) cannot exceed your character level, unless you have a feature that explicitly state otherwise (
    the beastmaster's bonus to effective druid level for an animal companion can explicitly boost your druid level above your character level
    e.g.). Feats that combine class features or stack levels of different classes for a given class feature cannot increase your effective level above your character level.
  • A given spellcasting progression cannot be advanced twice at the same level (
    A level of wizard||loremaster only grants +1 to wizard CL, not +2
Psionics and MagicPsionics-Magic transparency in effect
Level Adjustment
  • Level Adjustment is allowed and takes up one side of the gestalt.
  • Only one point of LA at each level (the other side of the gestalt must be a class level or racial HD)
  • Use Inevitability's Reassigned Level Adjustments, with the following guidelines:
  • No LA buyoff (LA simply counts as a "level").
  • So this in effect restricts your starting LA to a +3 since the maximum starting level is 3.
  • Any LA beyond 3 must be taken as a progression or racial class from an official source.
  • HD and LA from the same source (e.g., a monster class) must be taken on the same side of the gestalt, in succession. You cannot take a racial HD on one side, and a point of LA from the same race at the same level.
  • Savage Progressions have LA built in, and this LA is treated as any other.
  • If you are using either a Savage Species progression or an Oslecamo monster class you must take the first level of it at level 1 (I.e. to define your race) you can then pause the progression to take LA etc from templates.

Alignments and Codes of Conduct

Keep this in mind when creating a character with a specific alignment or code of conduct requirement.

Yes, these do matter. It includes, but is not limited to, multi-class restrictions such as monk or paladin (including variant paladins for the respective alignments), knights code, paladin code of conduct, most druids not being able to wear metal armor, etc.

Now, mission gm's should not go out of their way to try and make a paladin fall, at least no more than what your chosen antagonist would do. I hope all mission gm's would give some discrete messages to any who have codes of conduct if they are nearing crossing the line (at least in regards to the wisdom, thoughtfulness, abilities, and equipment that character has access to). If a code of conduct is breached that would cause a character to have abilities taken away, that will normally be effective on any mission and in any thread. If said character feels they got shafted in this regard, please bring it up with the mission gm and any game gm's so we can work this through. It may even be a new mission to quest and atone properly for whatever caused the fall. The player in question is encouraged to come up with a good idea as to what that quest should be, after all, they know that character better than anybody else I hope.

The Tavern is neutral ground and allows those with opposing codes of conduct to be in the same room without one falling, or falling due to being in the presence of or associating with those that are against your code of conduct. Now, don't go and be friendly to somebody who you know to be evil if your a Paladin.


SourcesAny Official WotC source, including content in the WotC online archives.
Savage SpeciesSavage Species
Savage ProgressionsSavage Progressions
Dragon MagazineDragon Magazine is case by case.
Dragon Compendium is approved
Dungeon MagazineDungeon Magazine is case by case
Special CasesOslecamo's Improved Monster Classes are permitted on a limited basis
This of course is case by case and subject to a lot of review before approval.
While this source is allowed, builds that abuse it will not be approved, and the RFT moderators reserve the right to modify anything from Oslecamo classes.
Pathfinder FeatsFeats (and only feats) from the Pathfinder Reference Document (not d20pfsrd.cpm) can be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Don't forget to cite your sources on your character sheet and/or character thread.

Starting gold

starting goldStarting gold at level 1 is maximum by class (maximum gold at level 1).
Starting Gold for 1st level oslecamo monsters is 100 GP (it's in the FAQ there).
If starting gold is not listed for any class taken at level 1, use fighter maximum gold.

Starting gold at level 2 is 1,000 gp
Starting gold at level 3 is 3,000 gp

Companions, familiars, animals, wild cohorts

Animal Companions, Special Mounts, Wild Cohorts
  • Companions, cohorts, minions, mounts, hirelings and summoned creatures all have maximum hit points. Familiars and psicrystals still have half the master's hit points.
  • PCs can purchase animals and undead creatures. See the Equipment and Magic Rulings thread for details.
  • A PC is entitled to bring their special companion creature(s) (
    animal companion
    special mount
    wild cohort
    (anything that derives from a class feature or similar)
    e.g.) on a mission with them, but followers, hirelings, commanded minions, crafted constructs and purchased creatures must be specifically approved by the mission DM beforehand
LeadershipCohorts gained from the Leadership or Undead Leadership feats are built with the same rules as PC's, with the following amendments:
  1. 24-point buy instead of 32-point buy
  2. Classes with full, 9-level spellcasting progressions take up both sides of the gestalt
  3. Cohorts may not have their own cohorts or companions (you may trade for alternate class features)
  4. Starting gear determined by the NPC gear value table (DMG p. 127)
  5. Cohorts cannot gain benefits from guild affiliations

Followers are built with the following rules:
  1. NPC Array (13-12-11-10-9-8) for ability scores
  2. All levels are non-gestalt
  3. No full-casting classes or PrC's
  4. Followers do not get their own gear, loot or XP
  5. Followers may not come on missions unless specifically allowed by the mission DM
  6. Followers cannot gain benefits from guild affiliations

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