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Myth Weavers Storycrafting Contest

Hi Colin,

I submitted an entry for the Storycrafting contest this afternoon. Please let me know if you received it. If not I will resend it.

Thank you and thank you for putting the contest together. It has really been a lot of fun!

Still working on my entry. To be honest, I'll probably send it in at 11:59PM February 15. ;P

I look forward to reading everyone's interpretations! This should be so much fun to read. ^__^

@ngoyke Submission received! @Nephelli Nothing wrong with that approach!

We're at 10 days remaining folks! Get those entries in, we only have four at present for the contest!

The way the heading is advertised, do you want spacing in between the header, or is that single spaced like the rest of the story? Or whatever that is called, I'm talking about the example on page three of these forums where there is a space between the title, the author name and the username, then the story. As far as 10 ten days left, many might be like me, they had it all written in the first week or two, but might be perfecting it before turning it in.

@DoubleGold you can single space it.

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